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Meaning of CHOIR

Pronunciation:  kwIr

Matching Terms:  choice, choice morsel, choice of words, choiceful, choicely, choiceness, choir loft, choir school, choirboy, choirmaster

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are singing in a choir, symbolizes spiritual harmony and balance. It also refers to your ability to work and cooperate with others.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a cappella, ambry, apse, baptistery, blindstory, chamber chorus, chancel, choral group, choral society, choral symphony, chorale, chorus, claviature, cloisters, confessional, confessionary, console, crypt, diaconicon, diaconicum, Easter sepulcher, echo, eighty-eight, ensemble, fingerboard, glee club, great, ivories, keyboard, keys, Liederkranz, Liedertafel, manual, mixed chorus, nave, oratorio society, organ manual, pedals, piano keys, porch, presbytery, rood loft, rood stair, rood tower, sacrarium, sacristy, singing club, solo, swell, transept, triforium, vestry, voices