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Meaning of CHEEK

Pronunciation:  cheek

Matching Terms:  cheek by jowl, cheek muscle, cheek pouch, cheek teeth, cheek(a), cheekbone, cheeked, cheekily, cheekiness, cheekless, cheekpiece, cheeky, cheep, cheer, cheer up, cheerer, cheerful, cheerfully, cheerfulness, cheerily, cheeriness, cheering, cheeringly, cheerio, cheerisness, cheerlead, cheerleader, cheerless, cheerlessly, cheerlessness, cheerly, cheerry, cheery, cheese, cheese cloth, cheese cutter, cheese dip, cheese fondue, cheese pizza, cheese press, cheese rind, cheese sauce, cheese souffle, cheese spread, cheese tray, cheeseboard, cheeseburger, cheesecake, cheesecloth, cheesed off, cheeseflower, cheeselep, cheeselike, cheesemonger, cheeseparing, cheesiness, cheesy, cheetah, cheever, cheewink

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing your cheeks in your dream, symbolizes commitment, intimacy, and closeness. It also reveals your strength of character and your opinions. Alternatively, cheeks can also be a slang for the buttocks. Seeing rosy-colored cheeks in your dream means life energy, enthusiasm and vitality. Dreaming that your checks are painted, represents your attitudes of courage and violence/passivity.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: arse, ass, backside, bank, beam, behind, border, bottom, brashness, brass, brazen boldness, breech, broadside, bum, butt, can, cheeks, chop, chutzpah, coast, confidence, crust, derriere, duff, face, fanny, flank, gall, hand, handedness, haunch, heroics, hip, hubris, improvidence, imprudence, impudence, indiscretion, injudiciousness, insolence, jowl, keister, laterality, many-sidedness, multilaterality, nerve, overboldness, overcarelessness, overconfidence, oversureness, overweeningness, planking, prat, presumption, profile, quarter, rashness, rusty-dusty, shore, side, siding, stern, tail, temerariousness, temerity, temple, tuchis, tush, tushy, unchariness, unilaterality, unwariness