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Meaning of BRIDE

Pronunciation:  brId, brId

Matching Terms:  brid, bridal, bridal gown, bridal wreath, bridalty, bridalwreath, bride price, bride service, bride wealth, bride-ale, bridebed, bridecake, bridechamber, bride-gift, bridegroom, brideknot, bridemaid, bride's bonnet, bridesmaid, bridesman, bridestake, bride-to-be, bridewell, bridge, bridge circuit, bridge deck, bridge hand, bridge of varolius, bridge over, bridge partner, bridge player, bridge teeth, bridge whist, bridgeable, bridgeboard, bridged-t, bridgehead, bridgeing, bridgeless, bridgeport, bridgepot, bridges, bridget, bridgetalk, bridgetown, bridgetree, bridge-ward, bridgework, bridgey, bridle, bridle at, bridle iron, bridle path, bridle road, bridle up, bridler, bridoon

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of a bride means the most feminine qualities about you. A bride may also symbolize a union or partnership or some sort.