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Meaning of BREAD

Pronunciation:  bred

Matching Terms:  breach, breach of contract, breach of duty, breach of promise, breach of the covenant of warranty, breach of the peace, breach of trust, breach of trust with fraudulent intent, breach of warranty, breached, breachy, bread and butter, bread and butter pickle, bread board, bread crumbs, bread dough, bread knife, bread line, bread maker, bread mold, bread sauce, breadbasket, bread-bin, breadboard, breadbox, breadcorn, breadcrumb, breaded, breaden, breadfruit, breadfruit tree, breadless, breadline, breadroot, breadstick, breadstuff, breadth, breadth first search, breadth index, breadthless, breadthways, breadthwinner, breadthwise, breadwinner, break, break apart, break away, break bread, break camp, break dance, break dancing, break down, break even, break in, break into, break loose, break of day, break of serve, break of the day, break off, break one's back, break open, break out, break seal, break short, break through, break up, break water, break wind, break with, breakability, breakable, breakableness, breakage, breakaway, breakax, breakaxe, breakbone fever, break-circuit, break-dance, breakdown, breaker, breaker point, breakers, break-even point, breakfast, breakfast food, breakfast table, breakfast time, break-in, breaking, breaking and entering, breaking away, breaking ball, breaking chain, breaking off, breaking point, breaking wind, break-in-slope, breakman, breakneck, breakout, breakpoint, breakstone, breakthrough, breakup, break-up, breakwater, bream, breast, breast bud, breast cancer, breast conservation therapy, breast drill, breast feeding, breast implant, breast of lamb, breast of veal, breast pocket, breast reconstruction, breast self exam, breast specialist, breast ultrasound, breastband, breastbeam, breastbone, breast-conserving surgery, breast-deep, breasted, breastfast, breast-fed, breastfeed, breastheight, breast-high, breasthook, breasting, breastknot, breastless, breastpin, breastplate, breastplow, breastrail, breastrope, breaststroke, breaststroker, breastsummer, breastwheel, breastwork, breath, breath of fresh air, breathable, breathableness, breathalyse, breathalyser, breathalyze, breathalyzer, breathe, breathe in, breathe out, breathed, breather, breathful, breathing, breathing apparatus, breathing device, breathing in, breathing machine, breathing out, breathing place, breathing room, breathing space, breathing spell, breathing time, breathless, breathlessly, breathlessness, breath-of-life packet, breathtaking

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of bread, represents the basic needs of life. Bread may signify the positive qualities and great things you have learned on your journey of life.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alimentation, alimony, altar bread, black bread, blunt, board, boodle, brass, bread and butter, bread and wine, bread stick, bread stuff, brown bread, bucks, cabbage, care, cash, cheer, chips, chow, coin, comestibles, Communion, consecrated bread, consecrated elements, consubstantiation, cracked-wheat bread, creature comfort, crust, cuisine, daily bread, dark bread, dinero, dough, eatables, eats, economic support, edibles, elements, endowment, Eucharist, fare, fast food, feast, feed, food, food and drink, foodstuff, French bread, garlic bread, gelt, gilt, graham bread, grease, green, green stuff, greenbacks, grub, health food, Holy Communion, Host, impanation, ingesta, intinction, Irish soda bread, Italian bread, jack, junk food, kale, keep, kitchen stuff, Last Supper, livelihood, living, loaf, loaf of bread, maintenance, manna, matzo, matzoth, mazuma, meat, moolah, mopus, mothering, nourishment, nurture, nut bread, oil of palms, ointment, oof, ooftish, pain, pita, price support, provender, provision, provisions, pumpernickel, raisin bread, real presence, rhino, rocks, rye bread, Sacrament Sunday, salt-rising bread, shekels, simoleons, sourbread, sourdough bread, spondulics, spread, staff of life, subpanation, subsidization, subsidy, subsistence, subvention, sugar, support, sustainment, sustenance, sustentation, table, tack, tender loving care, the Holy Sacrament, the needful, the Sacrament, tin, TLC, toast, tommy, transubstantiation, tucker, unleavened bread, upkeep, viands, victuals, vittles, wafer, wampum, white bread, whole wheat bread