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Meaning of BOTTLE

Pronunciation:  'bâtl

Matching Terms:  bottle bank, bottle bill, bottle collection, bottle gentian, bottle gourd, bottle grass, bottle green, bottle opener, bottle screw, bottle up, bottlebrush, bottlebrush buckeye, bottlecap, bottled, bottled gas, bottled water, bottle-fed, bottlefeed, bottleful, bottlegrass, bottle-green, bottlehead, bottleholder, bottleneck, bottleneck effect, bottle-neck frame, bottlenose, bottle-nose, bottlenose dolphin, bottlenose whale, bottle-nosed, bottle-nosed dolphin, bottle-nosed whale, bottler, bottlescrew, bottletree, bottling, bottling plant

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of a bottle means how you may be pushing your feelings back inside rather than expressing them. The contents of the bottle indicate the nature of the emotions. A bottle of champagne shows your need to socialize, while a bottle of poison means evil thoughts. Dreaming of an empty bottle indicates that you have exhausted your inner resources. You may be feeling drained and empty inside.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alcohol, alcoholic drink, backbone, bag, barrel, basket, booze, bottle up, box, box in, box up, burden, cabin, calabash, can, canteen, capsule, carafe, carboy, carton, case, cask, casket, caster, cloister, closet, coffin, confine, contain, container, control, courage, cramp, crate, crib, cruet, cruse, cut off, decanter, demijohn, do up, Dutch courage, encase, encyst, entomb, ewer, fiasco, fifth, fill, flacon, flagon, flask, flasket, freight, gourd, grit, gumption, guts, hamper, heap, heap up, hem in, hipflask, hold back, hold in check, hot-water bottle, immure, jar, jeroboam, jug, keep in check, lade, liquor, load, lota, magnum, manfulness, manliness, mass, mettle, moxie, mussuk, nerve, olla, pack, pack away, package, parcel, phial, pile, pluck, pocket, pot, put up, repress, restrain, sack, sauce, ship, spirits, spunk, stack, starch, stifle, store, stoup, stow, straiten, suppress, tank, the bottle, tin, trap, vacuum bottle, vial