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Meaning of ANTENNA

Pronunciation:  an'tenu

Matching Terms:  antennal, antennapedia complex, antennaria, antennaria dioica, antennaria plantaginifolia, antennariidae, antennary, antenniferous, antenniform, antennule

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: The size and strength of the antenna you see in your dream is important to determine the meaning of it. An antenna represents your communications kills, the bigger and stronger it is, the better communicator you are. You might be feeling that you are not able to communicate efficiently with your collegues, friends or family members, and this is creating some frustration in your life.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aerials, barb, barbel, barbule, bedspring type, cat whisker, directional antenna, dish, doublet, feed-and-reflector unit, feeler, mast, mattress type, palp, palpus, reflector, rhombic antenna, scanner, strike radar scanner, tactile cell, tactile corpuscle, tactile hair, tactile organ, tactile process, tactor, tower, transmitting antenna, vibrissa, wave antenna