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Meaning of AIR FORCE

Pronunciation:  ehr fowrs, 'erfors

Matching Terms:  air force academy, air force officer

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: If you dream of being in the Air Force, it might imply that you are unconsciously seeking discipline both materially and spiritually. Strength and self respect will be felt.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ace, air arm, air armada, Air Command, air corps, air service, Air Transport Command, Air Transport Service, Airborne Reconnaissance Force, ANAC, ARF, Army-Navy Air Corps, ATC, ATS, bandit, bogey, Bomber Command, bomber pilot, CASU, Coastal Command, combat pilot, combat plane, enemy aircraft, escadrille, FEAF, fighter pilot, Fleet Air Arm, flight, flyboy, MATS, military pilot, NAD, NATS, Naval Air Division, naval pilot, Navy Air, observer, RAAF, RAF, RCAF, Royal Air Force, SAC, squadron, Strategic Air Command, strategic air force, suicide pilot, tactical air force, US Air Force, USAAF, USAF, USNAS, wing