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Meaning of ZANY

Pronunciation:  'zeynee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a man who is a stupid fool
  2. [n]  a buffoon in one of the old comedies; imitates others for ludicrous effect
  3. [adj]  like a clown; "a buffoonish walk"; "a clownish face"; "a zany sense of humor"
  4. [adj]  (informal terms) "gave me a cockamamie reason for not going"; "wore a goofy hat"; "a silly idea"; "some wacky plan for selling more books"

ZANY is a 4 letter word that starts with Z.


 Synonyms: bozo, buffoonish, clowlike, clownish, cockamamie, cockamamy, cuckoo, fathead, fool(a), foolish, goof, goofy, goose, humorous, humourous, jackass, sappy, silly, twat, unreasonable, wacky, whacky
 See Also: buffoon, clown, fool, merry andrew, muggins, sap, saphead, tomfool



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Za"ny\, n.; pl. {Zanies}. [It. zanni a buffoon,
    merry-andrew, orig. same as Giovanni John, i. e., merry John,
    L. Ioannes, Gr. ?, Heb. Y[=o]kh[=a]n[=a]n, prop., the Lord
    graciously gave: cf. F. zani, fr. the Italian. Cf.
    A merry-andrew; a buffoon.
          Then write that I may follow, and so be Thy echo, thy
          debtor, thy foil, thy zany.              --Donne.
          Preacher at once, and zany of thy age.   --Pope.
  2. \Za"ny\, v. t.
    To mimic. [Obs.]
          Your part is acted; give me leave at distance To zany
          it.                                      --Massinger.