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Meaning of YIELDING

Pronunciation:  'yeelding

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of conceding or yielding
  2. [n]  a verbal act of admitting defeat
  3. [adj]  happy to comply
  4. [adj]  tending to give in or surrender or agree; "too yielding to make a stand against any encroachments"- V.I.Parrington
  5. [adj]  lacking stiffness and giving way to pressure; "a deep yielding layer of foam rubber"
  6. [adj]  inclined to yield to argument or influence or control; "a timid yielding person"

YIELDING is a 8 letter word that starts with Y.


 Synonyms: compliant, complying, compromising, conceding, concession, conciliatory, docile, flexible, giving up, obliging, soft, surrender
 See Also: acquiescence, assent, bye, pass, relinquishing, relinquishment



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Yield"ing\, a.
Inclined to give way, or comply; flexible; compliant;
accommodating; as, a yielding temper.

{Yielding and paying} (Law), the initial words of that clause
   in leases in which the rent to be paid by the lessee is
   mentioned and reserved. --Burrill.

Syn: Obsequious; attentive.

Usage: {Yielding}, {Obsequious}, {Attentive}. In many cases a
       man may be attentive or yielding in a high degree
       without any sacrifice of his dignity; but he who is
       obsequious seeks to gain favor by excessive and mean
       compliances for some selfish end. -- {Yield"ing*ly},
       adv. -- {Yield"ing*ness}, n.