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Meaning of WRAPPER

Pronunciation:  'rapur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a loose dressing gown for women
  2. [n]  cloak that is folded or wrapped around a person
  3. [n]  the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped

WRAPPER is a 7 letter word that starts with W.


 Synonyms: housecoat, neglige, negligee, peignoir, wrap, wrapping
 See Also: brunch coat, camisole, cloak, covering, dressing gown, envelope, film, gift wrapping, jacket, lounging robe, plastic film, plastic wrap, robe-de-chambre



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Wrap"per\, n.
1. One who, or that which, wraps.

2. That in which anything is wrapped, or inclosed; envelope;

3. Specifically, a loose outer garment; an article of dress
   intended to be wrapped round the person; as, a morning
   wrapper; a gentleman's wrapper.

Computing Dictionary

Code which is combined with another piece of code to determine how that code is executed. The wrapper acts as an interface between its caller and the wrapped code. This may be done for compatibility, e.g. if the wrapped code is in a different programming language or uses different calling conventions, or for security, e.g. to prevent the calling program from executing certain functions. The implication is that the wrapped code can only be accessed via the wrapper.