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Meaning of WOODS

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
  2. [adj]  concerning or dwelling or situated in a wood; "a wood nymph"; "woods animals"

WOODS is a 5 letter word that starts with W.


 Synonyms: forest, wood, wood
 See Also: flora, grove, old growth, second growth, tree, underbrush, undergrowth, underwood, vegetation, virgin forest



Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing the woods in your dream, represents life, fertility, rejuvenation, and spring. Alternatively, it symbolizes the unknown and unconscious. You need to be more open-minded to discovering your potential and instinctual nature. Dreaming that you are walking through the woods means your return to an aspect of yourself that is innocent and spiritual. Seeing dried up, dying woods in your dream, suggests that there is a situation in your life that has not yet been resolved. You may also be overwhelmed with a problem or issue.