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Meaning of VIRTUALLY

Pronunciation:  'vurchooullee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adv]  (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; `near' is sometimes used informally for `nearly' and `most' is sometimes used informally for `almost'; "the job is (just) about done"; "the baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded"; "we're almost finished"; "the car all but ran her down"; "he nearly fainted"; "talked for nigh onto 2 hours"; "the recording is well-nigh perfect"; "virtually all the parties signed the contract"; "I was near exhausted by the run"; "most everyone agrees"
  2. [adv]  (intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration; "our eyes were literally pinned to TV during the Gulf war"
  3. [adv]  in essence or effect but not in fact; "the strike virtually paralyzed the city"; "I'm virtually broke"

VIRTUALLY is a 9 letter word that starts with V.


 Synonyms: about, all but, almost, just about, literally, most, near, nearly, nigh, well-nigh



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Vir"tu*al*ly\, adv.
In a virtual manner; in efficacy or effect only, and not
actually; to all intents and purposes; practically.