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Meaning of VESICLE

Pronunciation:  'vesikul

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid)

VESICLE is a 7 letter word that starts with V.


 Synonyms: cyst
 See Also: bleb, blister, bulla, dacryocyst, dictyosome, follicle, Golgi apparatus, Golgi body, Golgi complex, lacrimal sac, liposome, sac, seminal vesicle, tear sac



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ves"i*cle\, n. [L. vesicula, dim. of vesica a bladder,
blister; akin to Skr. vasti bladder: cf. F. v['e]sicule.]
A bladderlike vessel; a membranous cavity; a cyst; a cell.
(a) (Bot.) A small bladderlike body in the substance of
    vegetable, or upon the surface of a leaf.
(b) (Med.) A small, and more or less circular, elevation of
    the cuticle, containing a clear watery fluid.
(c) (Anat.) A cavity or sac, especially one filled with
    fluid; as, the umbilical vesicle.
(d) (Zo["o]l.) A small convex hollow prominence on the
    surface of a shell or a coral.
(e) (Geol.) A small cavity, nearly spherical in form, and
    usually of the size of a pea or smaller, such as are
    common in some volcanic rocks. They are produced by the
    liberation of watery vapor in the molten mass.

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: A small sac containing liquid.
Biology Dictionary
  1. A bladder-like sac or cavity filled with gas or liquid.
    1. A bubble within the cell which is surrounded by cell membrane material and is formed by pinching off part of the cell membrane. Vesicles contain particles which the cell is importing ( endocytosis), or waste products and secretions which the cell is exporting (exocytosis).
    2. A small (less than one centimeter in diameter), fluid-filled skin lesion, usually raised; a blister.