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Meaning of TUBING

Pronunciation:  'toobing

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct liquids or gases

TUBING is a 6 letter word that starts with T.


 Synonyms: tube
 See Also: barrel, blow tube, blowgun, blowpipe, blowtube, cannula, capillary, capillary tube, capillary tubing, catheter, chromatography column, cigarette holder, coil, column, conduit, drain, drinking straw, gun barrel, hose, hosepipe, inner tube, mouthpiece, pea shooter, pipage, pipe, piping, silencer, siphon, speaking tube, stem, stent, straw, syphon, test tube, tobacco pipe, torpedo tube, venturi, well point, wellpoint



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Tub"ing\, n.
1. The act of making tubes.

2. A series of tubes; tubes, collectively; a length or piece
   of a tube; material for tubes; as, leather tubing.