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Pronunciation:  `transfur'meyshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of changing in form or shape or appearance; "a photograph is a translation of a scene onto a two-dimensional surface"
  2. [n]  (genetics) modification of a cell or bacterium by the uptake and incorporation of exogenous DNA
  3. [n]  a rule describing the conversion of one syntactic structure into another related syntactic structure
  4. [n]  a qualitative change
  5. [n]  (mathematics) a function that changes the position or direction of the axes of a coordinate system

TRANSFORMATION is a 14 letter word that starts with T.


 Synonyms: shift, translation, transmutation
 See Also: advance, affine transformation, alteration, alteration, betterment, change, change of integrity, changeover, conversion, degeneration, function, grammatical rule, improvement, mathematical function, metamorphosis, modification, permutation, population shift, pyrolysis, reflection, retrogression, revision, rotation, rule of grammar, sea change, strengthening, sublimation, tin disease, tin pest, tin plague, transfiguration, transition, translation, transmogrification, weakening



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Trans`for*ma"tion\, n. [L. transformatio: cf.
The act of transforming, or the state of being transformed;
change of form or condition. Specifically:
(a) (Biol.) Any change in an organism which alters its
    general character and mode of life, as in the development
    of the germ into the embryo, the egg into the animal, the
    larva into the insect (metamorphosis), etc.; also, the
    change which the histological units of a tissue are prone
    to undergo. See {Metamorphosis}.

(b) (Physiol.) Change of one from of material into another,
    as in assimilation; metabolism; metamorphosis.
(c) (Alchemy) The imagined possible or actual change of one
    metal into another; transmutation.
(d) (Theol.) A change in disposition, heart, character, or
    the like; conversion.
(e) (Math.) The change, as of an equation or quantity, into
    another form without altering the value.

Computing Dictionary

program transformation

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: The change that a normal cell undergoes as it becomes malignant.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are undergoing a transformation indicates a need for change or a deviation from your usual routine. It also suggests your expanded awareness and a deep-level personality development.
Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A process by which the genetic material carried by an individual cell is altered by incorporation of exogenous DNA into its genome.
  1. In prokaryotes, the natural or induced uptake and expression of a foreign DNA sequence--typically a recombinant plasmid in experimental systems. In higher eukaryotes, the conversion of cultured cells to a malignant phenotype--typically through infection by a tumor virus or transfection with an oncogene. (See Transformant, Transformation efficiency)
  2. A process by which the genetic material carried by an individual cell is altered by incorporation of exogenous DNA into its genome.
  3. a radiation change in morphology among homologous structures.