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Meaning of TOXIC

Pronunciation:  'tâksik

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  of or relating to or caused by a toxin or poison; "suffering from exposure to toxic substances"

TOXIC is a 5 letter word that starts with T.


 Synonyms: cyanogenetic, cyanogenic, deadly, hepatotoxic, nephrotoxic, ototoxic, poisonous, toxicant, venomous, virulent
 Antonyms: atoxic, nontoxic
 See Also: harmful, noxious, unhealthful



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Tox"ic\, Toxical \Tox"ic*al\, a. [L. toxicum poison,
originally, a poison in which arrows were dipped, Gr.
toxiko`n (sc. ?) poison for smearing arrows with, fr.
toxiko`s of or for the bow, from to`xon bow, arrow. Cf.
Of or pertaining to poison; poisonous; as, toxic medicines.

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: Poisonous.
Biology Dictionary
  1. Poisonous.
  2. This is the adjective applied to any substance able to cause injury to living organisms as a result of physicochemical interaction. See toxicity.