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Meaning of SYSTEM

Pronunciation:  'sistum

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  instrumentality that combines interrelated interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity; "he bought a new stereo system"; "the unit consists of a motor and a small computer"
  2. [n]  an ordered manner; orderliness by virtue of being methodical and well organized; "his compulsive organization was not an endearing quality"; "we can't do it unless we establish some system around here"
  3. [n]  the living body considered as made up of interdependent components forming a unified whole; "exercise helped him get the alcohol out of his system"
  4. [n]  a group of physiologically or anatomically related organs or parts; "the body has a system of organs for digestion"
  5. [n]  a complex of methods or rules governing behavior; "they have to operate under a system they oppose"; "that language has a complex system for indicating gender"
  6. [n]  an organized structure for arranging or classifying; "he changed the arrangement of the topics"; "the facts were familiar but it was in the organization of them that he was original"; "he tried to understand their system of classification"
  7. [n]  a procedure or process for obtaining an objective; "they had to devise a system that did not depend on cooperation"
  8. [n]  a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole; "a vast system of production and distribution and consumption keep the country going"
  9. [n]  (physical chemistry) a sample of matter in which substances in different phases are in equilibrium; "in a static system oil cannot be replaced by water on a surface"; "a system generating hydrogen peroxide"

SYSTEM is a 6 letter word that starts with S.


 Synonyms: arrangement, organisation, organisation, organization, organization, system of rules
 See Also: accounting, ADP system, ADPS, apparatus urogenitalis, articulatory system, assemblage, audio system, automatic data processing system, body, body part, calendar, central nervous system, classification system, CNS, communication system, computer system, computing system, containment, contrivance, control system, coordinate system, credit system, data structure, data system, design, digestive system, discipline, distribution, drainage system, economic system, economy, ecosystem, endocrine system, ethic, ethical code, exhaust, exhaust system, frame, frame of reference, gambling system, gastrointestinal system, genetic map, genital system, genitourinary apparatus, genitourinary system, government, group, grouping, hierarchy, honor system, hookup, immune system, inertial guidance system, inertial navigation system, information system, infrastructure, instrumentality, instrumentation, integumentary system, judicatory, judicature, judicial system, judiciary, labyrinth, language system, lattice, legal system, live body, living arrangement, lockage, logic, logical system, machinery, matter, maze, mechanical system, merit system, mesh, meshing, meshwork, method, methodicalness, module, mononuclear phagocyte system, MPS, muscle system, muscular structure, musculature, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, net, network, network, orderliness, organism, organon, peripheral nervous system, plan, plan of action, point system, pricing system, program, programme, promotion system, propulsion system, reference frame, reference system, reproductive system, RES, resonator, respiratory system, reticulation, reticuloendothelial system, root system, rootage, scaffolding, sensory system, shebang, shipboard system, skeletal system, skeleton, social organisation, social organization, social structure, social system, solar system, sound system, spoils system, sprinkler system, staging, statistical distribution, structure, structure, substance, substructure, subsystem, synchromesh, syntax, system of logic, system of macrophages, systema alimentarium, systema digestorium, systema nervosum, systema nervosum centrale, systema nervosum periphericum, systema respiratorium, systema skeletale, systema urogenitale, theological system, theology, tract, urinary apparatus, urinary system, urogenital apparatus, urogenital system, vascular system, water system, web



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Sys"tem\, n. [L. systema, Gr. ?, fr. ? to place
    together; sy`n with + ? to place: cf. F. syst[`e]me. See
    1. An assemblage of objects arranged in regular
       subordination, or after some distinct method, usually
       logical or scientific; a complete whole of objects related
       by some common law, principle, or end; a complete
       exhibition of essential principles or facts, arranged in a
       rational dependence or connection; a regular union of
       principles or parts forming one entire thing; as, a system
       of philosophy; a system of government; a system of
       divinity; a system of botany or chemistry; a military
       system; the solar system.
       The best way to learn any science, is to begin with a
       regular system, or a short and plain scheme of that
       science well drawn up into a narrow compass. --I. Watts.
    2. Hence, the whole scheme of created things regarded as
       forming one complete plan of whole; the universe. ``The
       great system of the world.'' --Boyle.
    3. Regular method or order; formal arrangement; plan; as, to
       have a system in one's business.
    4. (Mus.) The collection of staves which form a full score.
       See {Score}, n.
    5. (Biol.) An assemblage of parts or organs, either in animal
       or plant, essential to the performance of some particular
       function or functions which as a rule are of greater
       complexity than those manifested by a single organ; as,
       the capillary system, the muscular system, the digestive
       system, etc.; hence, the whole body as a functional unity.
    6. (Zo["o]l.) One of the stellate or irregular clusters of
       intimately united zooids which are imbedded in, or
       scattered over, the surface of the common tissue of many
       compound ascidians.
    {Block system}, {Conservative system}, etc. See under
       {Block}, {Conservative}, etc.
  2. {Type founder}, one who casts or manufacture type.
    {Type foundry}, {Type foundery}, a place for the manufacture
       of type.
    {Type metal}, an alloy used in making type, stereotype
       plates, etc., and in backing up electrotype plates. It
       consists essentially of lead and antimony, often with a
       little tin, nickel, or copper.
    {Type wheel}, a wheel having raised letters or characters on
       its periphery, and used in typewriters, printing
       telegraphs, etc.
    {Unity of type} (Biol.), that fundamental agreement in
       structure which is seen in organic beings of the same
       class, and is quite independent of their habits of life.
Computing Dictionary

1. The supervisor program or operating system on a computer.

2. The entire computer system, including input/output devices, the supervisor program or operating system and possibly other software.

3. Any large program.

4. Any method or algorithm.

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Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A group of related natural objects and/or forces within a defined zone; a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole; a more general and less rigorous term than "ecosystem."
 Definition: a series of interrelated parts wherein a change in one part brings about changes in all parts.