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Meaning of SWIG

Pronunciation:  swig

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a large and hurried swallow; "he finished it at a single gulp"
  2. [v]  to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught; "My car gulped 20 gallons without even wiping its mouth."
  3. [v]  strike heavily, esp. with the fist or a bat; "He slugged me so hard that I passed out"

SWIG is a 4 letter word that starts with S.


 Synonyms: draft, draught, gulp, gulp, quaff, slog, slug
 See Also: deglutition, drink, drink, get down, hit, imbibe, swallow, swallow



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Swig\, v. t. [Cf. D. zwelgen to swallow, E. swallow, v.t.]
    1. To drink in long draughts; to gulp; as, to swig cider.
    2. To suck. [Obs. or Archaic]
             The lambkins swig the teat.           --Creech.
  2. \Swig\, n.
    1. A long draught. [Colloq.] --Marryat.
    2. (Naut.) A tackle with ropes which are not parallel.
    3. A beverage consisting of warm beer flavored with spices,
       lemon, etc. [Prov. Eng.]
  3. \Swig\, v. t. [Cf. Prov. E. swig to leak out, AS.
    sw[=i]jian to be silent, sw[=i]can to evade, escape.]
    1. To castrate, as a ram, by binding the testicles tightly
       with a string, so that they mortify and slough off. [Prov.
    2. (Naut.) To pull upon (a tackle) by throwing the weight of
       the body upon the fall between the block and a cleat.