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Meaning of SPECMARK

Computing Dictionary

The average of a set of floating-point and integer spec benchmark results.

While the old average specmark89 has been popular with the industry and the press, spec has intentionally *not* defined an average "SPECmark92" over all cpu benchmarks of the 1992 suites (cint92 and cfp92), for the following reasons: With 6 integer (cint92) and 14 floating-point (cfp92) benchmarks, the average would be biased too much towards floating-point. Customers' workloads are different, some integer-only, some floating-point intensive, some mixed. Current processors have developed their strengths in a more diverse way (some more emphasizing integer performance, some more floating-point performance) than in 1989.

Some SPECmark results are available here.

See also specint92, specfp92, specrate_int92, specrate_fp92.