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Meaning of SOMEBODY

Pronunciation:  'sum`bâdee

WordNet Dictionary

SOMEBODY is a 8 letter word that starts with S.


 Synonyms: human, individual, mortal, person, someone, soul
 See Also: adult, adventurer, African, anatomy, anomaly, applicant, applied scientist, applier, appointee, appointment, beholder, being, bod, build, capitalist, captor, capturer, causal agency, causal agent, cause, changer, chassis, common man, common person, commoner, communicator, compeer, contestant, controversialist, coward, creator, denizen, disputant, dweller, engineer, entertainer, equal, experimenter, expert, face, female, female person, figure, flesh, forerunner, form, frame, grownup, human body, indigen, indigene, individualist, inexperienced person, inhabitant, innocent, intellect, intellectual, juvenile, juvenile person, leader, lover, male, male person, match, material body, modifier, money dealer, money handler, national, native, nonreligious person, nonworker, observer, organism, peer, people, perceiver, percher, persona non grata, personality, physical body, physique, precursor, primitive, primitive person, religionist, religious person, self, sensualist, shape, soma, subject, technologist, traveler, traveller, unfortunate, unfortunate person, unskilled person, unusual person, unwelcome person, venturer, worker



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Some"bod*y\, n.
1. A person unknown or uncertain; a person indeterminate;
   some person.

         Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me. --Luke viii.

         We must draw in somebody that may stand ``Twixt us
         and danger.''                         --Denham.

2. A person of consideration or importance.

         Before these days rose up Theudas, boasting himself
         to be somebody.                       --Acts v. 36.