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Meaning of SCRUTINY

Pronunciation:  'skrootnee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes)
  2. [n]  a prolonged intense look

SCRUTINY is a 8 letter word that starts with S.


 Synonyms: examination
 See Also: autopsy, bank examination, check, checkout, check-out procedure, checkup, comparing, comparison, endoscopy, fine-tooth comb, fine-toothed comb, follow-up, going-over, health check, inspection, investigating, investigation, keratoscopy, look, looking, looking at, look-over, medical, medical checkup, medical exam, medical examination, motion study, necropsy, once-over, palpation, PM, postmortem, postmortem examination, reexamination, review, rhinoscopy, scan, search, study, survey, tactual exploration, testing, time study, time-and-motion study, time-motion study, work study



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Scru"ti*ny\, n. [L. scrutinium, fr. scrutari to search
    carefuly, originally, to search even to the rags, fr. scruta
    trash, trumpery; perhaps akin to E. shred: cf. AS. scrudnian
    to make scrutiny.]
    1. Close examination; minute inspection; critical
             They that have designed exactness and deep scrutiny
             have taken some one part of nature.   --Sir M. Hale.
             Thenceforth I thought thee worth my nearer view And
             narrower scrutiny.                    --Milton.
    2. (Anc. Church) An examination of catechumens, in the last
       week of Lent, who were to receive baptism on Easter Day.
    3. (Canon Law) A ticket, or little paper billet, on which a
       vote is written.
    4. (Parliamentary Practice) An examination by a committee of
       the votes given at an election, for the purpose of
       correcting the poll. --Brande & C.
  2. \Scru"ti*ny\, v. t.
    To scrutinize. [Obs.]