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Pronunciation:  [adj]ri'tikyulit, [v]ri'tikyu`leyt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  resembling or forming a network; "the reticulate veins of a leaf"; "a reticulated highway system"
  2. [v]  divide so as to form a network
  3. [v]  distribute by a network, as of water or electricity
  4. [v]  form a net or a network

RETICULATE is a 10 letter word that starts with R.


 Synonyms: cancellate, cancellated, clathrate, crisscross, crisscrossed, fretted, interconnected, interlaced, interrelated, lacy, latticed, latticelike, meshed, netlike, netted, networklike, reticular, reticulated, webbed, webby, weblike
 Antonyms: nonreticulate
 See Also: change, distribute, form



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Re*tic"u*late\, Reticulated \Re*tic"u*la`ted\, a.
[L. reticulatus. See {Reticule}.]
1. Resembling network; having the form or appearance of a
   net; netted; as, a reticulated structure.

2. Having veins, fibers, or lines crossing like the threads
   or fibers of a network; as, a reticulate leaf; a
   reticulated surface; a reticulated wing of an insect.

{Reticulated glass}, ornamental ware made from glass in which
   one set of white or colored lines seems to meet and
   interlace with another set in a different plane.

{Reticulated micrometer}, a micrometer for an optical
   instrument, consisting of a reticule in the focus of an

{Reticulated work} (Masonry), work constructed with
   diamond-shaped stones, or square stones placed diagonally.

Biology Dictionary
 Definition: Forming a network.