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Meaning of RENDER

Pronunciation:  'rendur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  cause to become; "The shot rendered her immobile"
  2. [v]  melt (fat, lard, etc.) in order to separate out impurities; "try the yak butter"; "render fat in a casserole"
  3. [v]  restate (words) from one language into another language; "I have to translate when my in-laws from Austria visit the U.S."; "Can you interpret the speech of the visiting dignitaries?"; "She rendered the French poem into English"; "He translates for the U.N."
  4. [v]  bestow; "give hommage"; "render thanks"
  5. [v]  pass down; "render a verdict"; "deliver a judgment"
  6. [v]  give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"
  7. [v]  show in, or as in, a picture; "This scene depicts country life"; "the face of the child is rendered with much tenderness in this painting"
  8. [v]  give an interpretation or rendition of; "The pianist rendered the Beethoven sonata beautifully"
  9. [v]  to surrender someone or something to another; "the guard delivered the criminal to the police"; "render up the prisoners"; "render the town to the enemy"
  10. [v]  give back; "render money"
  11. [v]  Law: make over as a return; "They had to render the estate"
  12. [v]  provide or furnish with; "We provided the room with an electrical heater"; "render assistence"

RENDER is a 6 letter word that starts with R.


 Synonyms: deliver, deliver, depict, furnish, generate, get in, give, give, hand over, interpret, picture, provide, return, return, return, show, submit, supply, translate, try, turn in, yield
 See Also: afford, air-condition, alphabetize, arm, articulate, bail, bed, berth, bewhisker, border, bottom, brattice, bush, buy in, calk, canal, canalise, canalize, capitalise, capitalize, caption, causeway, charge, cleat, cloy, coal, communicate, computerise, computerize, constitutionalize, copperbottom, corbel, cornice, costume, create, crenel, crenelate, crenellate, curtain, date, dedicate, do, edge, equip, execute, extend, feed, feed back, fire, fit, fit out, flood, fuel, fund, gate, get, gift, give, give away, glass, glaze, gloss, glut, grate, hand, headline, heat, hobnail, hydrate, illustrate, index, ingeminate, innervate, intercommunicate, interleave, interpret, iterate, joint, key, latinize, leverage, machicolate, make, make, map, match, melt, melt down, mistranslate, offer, outfit, oversupply, partner, pass, pass, pass on, pass on, patch, perform, pour, present, produce, provision, pump, purvey, put across, rafter, rail, railroad, ramp, reach, reflectorise, reflectorize, reiterate, repeat, represent, restate, resubmit, retell, retranslate, retrofit, run, sanitate, scant, seat, shelter, signalise, signalize, sing, skimp, slat, stint, stock, subtitle, surfeit, tap, terrace, terrasse, toggle, tool, top, transistorise, transistorize, turn over, uniform, upholster, victual, water, wharf, whisker, wive, yield



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Rend"er\ (-?r), n. [From {Rend}.]
    One who rends.
  2. \Ren"der\ (r?n"d?r), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Rendered}
    (-d?rd);p. pr. & vb. n. {Rendering}.] [F. rendre, LL. rendre,
    fr. L. reddere; pref. red-, re-, re- + dare to give. See
    {Date}time, and cf. {Reddition}, {Rent}.]
    1. To return; to pay back; to restore.
             Whose smallest minute lost, no riches render may.
    2. To inflict, as a retribution; to requite.
             I will render vengeance to mine enemies. --Deut.
                                                   xxxii. 41.
    3. To give up; to yield; to surrender.
             I 'll make her render up her page to me. --Shak.
    4. Hence, to furnish; to contribute.
             Logic renders its daily service to wisdom and
             virtue.                               --I. Watts.
    5. To furnish; to state; to deliver; as, to render an
       account; to render judgment.
    6. To cause to be, or to become; as, to render a person more
       safe or more unsafe; to render a fortress secure.
    7. To translate from one language into another; as, to render
       Latin into English.
    8. To interpret; to set forth, represent, or exhibit; as, an
       actor renders his part poorly; a singer renders a passage
       of music with great effect; a painter renders a scene in a
       felicitous manner.
             He did render him the most unnatural That lived
             amongst men.                          --Shak.
    9. To try out or extract (oil, lard, tallow, etc.) from fatty
       animal substances; as, to render tallow.
    10. To plaster, as a wall of masonry, without the use of
  3. \Ren"der\, v. i.
    1. To give an account; to make explanation or confession.
    2. (Naut.) To pass; to run; -- said of the passage of a rope
       through a block, eyelet, etc.; as, a rope renders well,
       that is, passes freely; also, to yield or give way.
  4. \Ren"der\, n.
    1. A surrender. [Obs.] --Shak.
    2. A return; a payment of rent.
             In those early times the king's household was
             supported by specific renders of corn and other
             victuals from the tenants of the demains.
    3. An account given; a statement. [Obs.] --Shak.