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Pronunciation:  ri'leyshun`ship

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a relation between people; (`relationship' is often used where `relation' would serve (as in"the relationship between inflation and unemployment")) preferred usage of `relationship' is for human relations or states of relatedness; "the relationship between mothers and children"
  2. [n]  state of relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
  3. [n]  a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection); "he didn't want his wife to know of the relationship"
  4. [n]  a state involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries

RELATIONSHIP is a 12 letter word that starts with R.


 Synonyms: family relationship, human relationship, kinship
 See Also: account, acquaintance, acquaintanceship, affiliation, affinity, anaclisis, assimilation, association, birth, blood kinship, brotherhood, business relationship, cognation, consanguinity, descent, fatherhood, filiation, friendly relationship, friendship, kinship by marriage, line of descent, lineage, love affair, maternity, membership, motherhood, parentage, paternity, personal relation, personal relationship, phylogenetic relation, relation, romance, sexual relationship, sisterhood, sistership, state, subjection, subjugation, tie, tie-up



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Re*la"tion*ship\, n.
The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other
alliance. --Mason.