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Meaning of REGALIA

Pronunciation:  ree'geyleeu

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  especially fine or decorative clothing
  2. [n]  paraphernalia indicative of royalty (or other high office)

REGALIA is a 7 letter word that starts with R.


 Synonyms: array, finery, raiment
 See Also: apparel, appurtenances, article of clothing, clothes, clothing, crown jewels, gear, paraphernalia, vesture, war paint, wear, wearing apparel



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Re*ga"li*a\ (r?*g?"l?*?), n. pl. [LL., from L.
    regalisregal. See {Regal}.]
    1. That which belongs to royalty. Specifically:
       (a) The rights and prerogatives of a king.
       (b) Royal estates and revenues.
       (c) Ensings, symbols, or paraphernalia of royalty.
    2. Hence, decorations or insignia of an office or order, as
       of Freemasons, Odd Fellows,etc.
    3. Sumptuous food; delicacies. [Obs.] --Cotton.
    {Regalia of a church}, the privileges granted to it by kings;
       sometimes, its patrimony. --Brande & C.
  2. \Re*ga"li*a\, n.
    A kind of cigar of large size and superior quality; also, the
    size in which such cigars are classed.