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Meaning of REFUSE

Pronunciation:  [n]'refyoos, [v]ri'fyooz

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  food that is discarded (as from a kitchen)
  2. [v]  show unwillingness towards
  3. [v]  refuse to let have; "She denies me every pleasure"; "he denies her her weekly allowance"
  4. [v]  refuse to accept; "He refused my offer of hospitality"
  5. [v]  refuse entrance or membership; "They turned away hundreds of fans"; "Black people were often rejected by country clubs"
  6. [v]  elude, esp. in a baffling way; "This behavior defies explanation"

REFUSE is a 6 letter word that starts with R.


 Synonyms: decline, decline, defy, deny, food waste, garbage, pass up, reject, reject, resist, scraps, turn away, turn down, turn down
 Antonyms: accept, accept, admit, allow, allow in, apply, consent, go for, grant, have, intromit, lend oneself, let in, take
 See Also: beggar, bounce, contract out, disdain, dishonor, dishonour, disobey, elude, escape, freeze off, hold on, keep, keep back, pooh-pooh, regret, reject, repudiate, scorn, spurn, turn down, waste, waste material, waste matter, waste product, withhold



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Re*fuse"\ (r?*f?z"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Refused}
    (-f?zd"); p. pr. & vb. n. {Refusing}.] [F. refuser, either
    from (assumed) LL. refusare to refuse, v. freq. of L.
    refundere to pour back, give back, restore (see {Refund} to
    repay), or. fr. L. recusare to decline, refuse cf. {Accuse},
    {Ruse}), influenced by L. refutare to drive back, repel,
    refute. Cf. {Refute}.]
    1. To deny, as a request, demand, invitation, or command; to
       decline to do or grant.
             That never yet refused your hest.     --Chaucer.
    2. (Mil.) To throw back, or cause to keep back (as the
       center, a wing, or a flank), out of the regular aligment
       when troops ar? about to engage the enemy; as, to refuse
       the right wing while the left wing attacks.
    3. To decline to accept; to reject; to deny the request or
       petition of; as, to refuse a suitor.
             The cunning workman never doth refuse The meanest
             tool that he may chance to use.       --Herbert.
    4. To disown. [Obs.] ``Refuse thy name.'' --Shak.
  2. \Re*fuse"\, v. i.
    To deny compliance; not to comply.
          Too proud to ask, too humble to refuse.  --Garth.
          If ye refuse . . . ye shall be devoured with the sword.
                                                   --Isa. i. 20.
  3. \Re*fuse"\, n.
    Refusal. [Obs.] --Fairfax.
  4. \Ref`use\ (r?f"?s;277), n. [F. refus refusal, also, that
    which is refused. See {Refuse} to deny.]
    That which is refused or rejected as useless; waste or
    worthless matter.
    Syn: Dregs; sediment; scum; recrement; dross.
  5. \Ref"use\, a.
    Refused; rejected; hence; left as unworthy of acceptance; of
    no value; worthless.
          Everything that was vile and refuse, that they
          destroyed utterly.                       --1. Sam. xv.