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Meaning of REDRESS

Pronunciation:  [n]'reedres, [v]ri'dres, ree'dres

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil
  2. [n]  a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury
  3. [v]  make reparations or amends for; "right a wrong"

REDRESS is a 7 letter word that starts with R.


 Synonyms: amends, compensate, correct, damages, indemnification, indemnity, remediation, remedy, restitution, right
 Antonyms: wrong
 See Also: aby, abye, actual damages, alter, atone, atonement, change, compensation, compensatory damages, correction, counterbalance, even off, even out, even up, exemplary damages, expiate, expiation, general damages, nominal damages, overcompensate, over-correct, punitive damages, rectification, relief, salve, satisfaction, smart money



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Re*dress"\ (r?*dr?s"), v. t. [Pref. re- + dress.]
    To dress again.
  2. \Re*dress"\ (r?*dr?s"), v. t. [F. redresser to
    straighten; pref. re- re- + dresser to raise, arrange. See
    1. To put in order again; to set right; to emend; to revise.
             The common profit could she redress.  --Chaucer.
             In yonder spring of roses intermixed With myrtle,
             find what to redress till noon.       --Milton.
             Your wish that I should redress a certain paper
             which you had prepared.               --A. Hamilton.
    2. To set right, as a wrong; to repair, as an injury; to make
       amends for; to remedy; to relieve from.
             Those wrongs, those bitter injuries, . . . I doubt
             not but with honor to redress.        --Shak.
    3. To make amends or compensation to; to relieve of anything
       unjust or oppressive; to bestow relief upon. ``'T is
       thine, O king! the afflicted to redress.'' --Dryden.
             Will Gaul or Muscovite redress ye?    --Byron.
  3. \Re*dress"\, n.
    1. The act of redressing; a making right; reformation;
       correction; amendment. [R.]
             Reformation of evil laws is commendable, but for us
             the more necessary is a speedy redress of ourselves.
    2. A setting right, as of wrong, injury, or opression; as,
       the redress of grievances; hence, relief; remedy;
       reparation; indemnification. --Shak.
             A few may complain without reason; but there is
             occasion for redress when the cry is universal.
    3. One who, or that which, gives relief; a redresser.
             Fair majesty, the refuge and redress Of those whom
             fate pursues and wants oppress.       --Dryden.
Legal Dictionary
 Definition: To set right; to remedy; to compensate; to remove the causes of a grievance.