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Meaning of RADIX

Pronunciation:  'reydiks

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  (in a digital numeration system) the positive integer that is equivalent to one in the next higher counting place; "10 is the radix of the decimal system"

RADIX is a 5 letter word that starts with R.


 Synonyms: base
 See Also: number



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ra"dix\, n.; pl. {Radices}, E. {Radixes}. [L. radix,
-icis, root. See {Radish}.]
1. (Philol.) A primitive, from which spring other words; a
   radical; a root; an etymon.

2. (Math.)
   (a) A number or quantity which is arbitrarily made the
       fundamental number of any system; a base. Thus, 10 is
       the radix, or base, of the common system of
       logarithms, and also of the decimal system of
   (b) (Alg.) A finite expression, from which a series is
       derived. [R.] --Hutton.

3. (Bot.) The root of a plant.

Computing Dictionary

(Or "base", "number base") In a positional representation of numbers, that integer by which the significance of one digit place must be multiplied to give the significance of the next higher digit place. Conventional decimal numbers are radix ten, binary numbers are radix two.