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Meaning of QUADRILLE

Pronunciation:  kwu'dril

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a square dance of 5 or more figures for 4 or more couples
  2. [n]  music for dancing the quadrille

QUADRILLE is a 9 letter word that starts with Q.


 See Also: ballroom music, dance music, danceroom music, lancers, square dance, square dancing



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Qua*drille"\, n. [F. quadrille, n. fem., fr. Sp.
    cuadrilla meeting of four or more persons or It. quadriglia a
    band of soldiers, a sort of dance; dim. fr. L. quadra a
    square, fr. quattuor four. See {Quadrate}.]
    1. A dance having five figures, in common time, four couples
       of dancers being in each set.
    2. The appropriate music for a quadrille.
  2. \Qua*drille"\, n. [F. quadrille, n. masc., cf. It.
    quadriglio; or perhaps from the Spanish. See {Quadrille} a
    A game played by four persons with forty cards, being the
    remainder of an ordinary pack after the tens, nines, and
    eights are discarded. --Hoyle.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: For a woman to dream that she is dancing in a quadrille, foretells happiness and a coming marriage. For a man to dream that he is dancing in a quadrille, foretells that he will enjoy popularity with the honeys and business success may soon follow.