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Meaning of PUNCH

Pronunciation:  punch

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  (boxing) a blow with the fist
  2. [n]  a tool for making (usually circular) holes
  3. [n]  an iced mixed drink usually containing alcohol and prepared for multiple servings; normally served in a punch bowl
  4. [v]  deliver a punch to
  5. [v]  make a hole into or between, as for ease of separation; "perforate the sheets of paper"
  6. [v]  drive forcibly as if by a punch; "the nail punched through the wall"

PUNCH is a 5 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: biff, lick, perforate, plug, poke, puncher
 See Also: blow, counter, counterpunch, cup, eggnog, fish house punch, fruit punch, glogg, haymaker, hit, hook, jab, knockout punch, KO punch, May wine, milk punch, mixed drink, parry, pierce, punch pliers, rabbit punch, sucker punch, Sunday punch, thrust, tool, wassail



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Punch\, n. [Hind. p[=a]nch five, Skr. pa?can. So called
    because composed of five ingredients, viz., sugar, arrack,
    spice, water, and lemon juice. See {Five}.]
    A beverage composed of wine or distilled liquor, water (or
    milk), sugar, and the juice of lemon, with spice or mint; --
    specifically named from the kind of spirit used; as rum
    punch, claret punch, champagne punch, etc.
    {Milk punch}, a sort of punch made with spirit, milk, sugar,
       spice, etc.
    {Punch bowl}, a large bowl in which punch is made, or from
       which it is served.
    {Roman punch}, a punch frozen and served as an ice.
  2. \Punch\, n. [Abbrev, fr. punchinello.]
    The buffoon or harlequin of a puppet show.
    {Punch and Judy}, a puppet show in which a comical little
       hunchbacked Punch, with a large nose, engages in
       altercation with his wife Judy.
  3. \Punch\, n. [Prov. E. Cf. {Punchy}.]
    1. A short, fat fellow; anything short and thick.
             I . . . did hear them call their fat child punch,
             which pleased me mightily, that word being become a
             word of common use for all that is thick and short.
    2. One of a breed of large, heavy draught horses; as, the
       Suffolk punch.
  4. \Punch\, v. t. [OE. punchen, perhaps the same word as E.
    punish: or cf. E. bunch.]
    To thrust against; to poke; as, to punch one with the end of
    a stick or the elbow.
  5. \Punch\, n.
    A thrust or blow. [Colloq.]
  6. \Punch\, n. [Abbrev. fr. puncheon.]
    1. A tool, usually of steel, variously shaped at one end for
       different uses, and either solid, for stamping or for
       perforating holes in metallic plates and other substances,
       or hollow and sharpedged, for cutting out blanks, as for
       buttons, steel pens, jewelry, and the like; a die.
    2. (Pile Driving) An extension piece applied to the top of a
       pile; a dolly.
    3. A prop, as for the roof of a mine.
    {Bell punch}. See under {Bell}.
    {Belt punch} (Mach.), a punch, or punch pliers, for making
       holes for lacings in the ends of driving belts.
    {Punch press}. See {Punching machine}, under {Punch}, v. i.
    {Punch pliers}, pliers having a tubular, sharp-edged steel
       punch attached to one of the jaws, for perforating
       leather, paper, and the like.
  7. \Punch\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Punched}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    {Punching}.] [From {Punch}, n., a tool; cf. F.
    To perforate or stamp with an instrument by pressure, or a
    blow; as, to punch a hole; to punch ticket.
    {Punching machine}, or {Punching press}, a machine tool for
       punching holes in metal or other material; -- called also
       {punch press}.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are punching someone or something, represents hidden anger and aggression. It may also be a symbol of power and your ability to draw strength from within yourself. Dreaming that you are unable to throw a punch indicates that you are feeling helpless. You may have self-esteem and confidence issues. Dreaming that you are drinking punch, represents vitality and renewal.