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Meaning of PROVIDE

Pronunciation:  pru'vId

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  determine (what is to happen in certain contingencies), esp. by including a proviso condition; "The will provides that each child should receive half of the money"
  2. [v]  provide what is desired or needed, esp. support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests"
  3. [v]  provide or furnish with; "We provided the room with an electrical heater"; "render assistence"
  4. [v]  mount or put up; "put up a good fight"; "offer resistance"

PROVIDE is a 7 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: cater, furnish, offer, ply, put up, render, supply, supply
 See Also: accommodate, afford, air-condition, alphabetize, arm, articulate, bed, berth, bewhisker, board, border, bottom, brattice, bush, buy in, calk, canal, canalise, canalize, capitalise, capitalize, caption, causeway, charge, cleat, cloy, coal, computerise, computerize, condition, constitutionalize, copperbottom, corbel, cornice, costume, crenel, crenelate, crenellate, curtain, date, dish, dish out, dish up, drench, edge, engage, equip, extend, feed, feed, fill, fire, fit, fit out, fix up, flood, fuel, fulfil, fulfill, fund, gate, give, give, glass, glaze, glut, grate, gratify, gutter, headline, heat, help, hobnail, horse, hydrate, index, indulge, innervate, interleave, joint, key, leverage, machicolate, match, meet, nourish, nurture, offer, outfit, oversupply, pander, partner, patch, pimp, pour, power, procure, provision, pump, purvey, qualify, rafter, rail, railroad, ramp, reflectorise, reflectorize, regale, retrofit, sanitate, satisfy, scant, seat, serve, serve up, shelter, shower, signalise, signalize, skimp, slat, specify, staff, stint, stipulate, stock, subtitle, surfeit, sustain, tap, terrace, terrasse, toggle, tool, top, transistorise, transistorize, treat, underlay, uniform, upholster, victual, wage, water, wharf, whisker, wive, yield



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Pro*vide"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Provided}; p. pr. &
    vb. n. {Providing}.] [L. providere, provisum; pro before +
    videre to see. See {Vision}, and cf. {Prudent}, {Purvey}.]
    1. To look out for in advance; to procure beforehand; to get,
       collect, or make ready for future use; to prepare.
       ``Provide us all things necessary.'' --Shak.
    2. To supply; to afford; to contribute.
             Bring me berries, or such cooling fruit As the kind,
             hospitable woods provide.             --Milton.
    3. To furnish; to supply; -- formerly followed by of, now by
       with. ``And yet provided him of but one.'' --Jer. Taylor.
       ``Rome . . . was well provided with corn.'' --Arbuthnot.
    4. To establish as a previous condition; to stipulate; as,
       the contract provides that the work be well done.
    5. To foresee.
    Note: [A Latinism] [Obs.] --B. Jonson.
    6. To appoint to an ecclesiastical benefice before it is
       vacant. See {Provisor}. --Prescott.
  2. \Pro*vide"\, v. i.
    1. To procure supplies or means in advance; to take measures
       beforehand in view of an expected or a possible future
       need, especially a danger or an evil; -- followed by
       against or for; as, to provide against the inclemency of
       the weather; to provide for the education of a child.
             Government is a contrivance of human wisdom to
             provide for human wants.              --Burke.
    2. To stipulate previously; to condition; as, the agreement
       provides for an early completion of the work.