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Pronunciation:  pree'emununt

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement; "our greatest statesmen"; "the country's leading poet"; "a preeminent archeologist"

PREEMINENT is a 10 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: greatest, leading(a), superior



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Pre*["e]m"i*nent\, a. [L. praeminens, -entis, p. pr.
praeminere to be prominent, to surpass: cf. F.
pr['e]['e]minent. See {Pre-}, and {Eminent}.]
Eminent above others; prominent among those who are eminent;
superior in excellence; surpassing, or taking precedence of,
others; rarely, surpassing others in evil, or in bad
qualities; as, pre["e]minent in guilt.

      In goodness and in power pre["e]minent.  --Milton.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: absolute, acmatic, all-absorbing, apical, arch, ascendant, authoritarian, authoritative, authorized, autocratic, banner, capital, cardinal, central, champion, chief, clothed with authority, commanding, competent, consequential, considerable, consummate, controlling, crowning, dominant, duly constituted, eminent, empowered, ex officio, first, focal, foremost, governing, great, head, headmost, hegemonic, hegemonistic, highest, imperative, important, incomparable, influential, leading, magisterial, main, major, master, maximal, maximum, meridian, meridional, mighty, momentous, monocratic, number one, official, outstanding, overmost, overriding, overruling, paramount, potent, powerful, predominant, premier, preponderant, prestigious, prevailing, primal, primary, prime, principal, prominent, puissant, ranking, ruling, senior, sovereign, star, stellar, substantial, summital, supereminent, superior, supreme, surpassing, tip-top, top, topflight, topmost, totalitarian, towering, transcendent, ultimate, unmatchable, unsurpassable, upmost, uppermost, vertical, weighty, zenithal