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Meaning of POWER ELITE

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aristocracy, baron, barons, big gun, big man, big name, bigwig, brass, brass hat, bureaucracy, celebrity, cream, dignitary, dignity, directorate, elder, elite, Establishment, father, figure, great man, hierarchy, higher echelons, higher-ups, important person, interests, lion, lords of creation, magnate, man of mark, management, ministry, mogul, nabob, name, nobility, notability, notable, officialdom, overlapping, panjandrum, person of renown, personage, personality, pillar of society, power, power structure, prelacy, ruling circle, ruling circles, ruling class, ruling classes, sachem, somebody, something, the administration, the authorities, the best, the best people, the brass, the Establishment, the great, the ingroup, the interests, the people upstairs, the power elite, the power structure, the top, them, they, top brass, top people, tycoon, upper class, upper crust, very important person, VIP, worthy