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Meaning of POTHER

Pronunciation:  'pâdhur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an excited state of agitation; "he was in a dither"; "there was a terrible flap about the theft"
  2. [v]  make a fuss; be agitated
  3. [v]  make upset or troubled

POTHER is a 6 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: dither, dither, flap, flap, fuss, tizzy
 See Also: agitate, agitation, charge, charge up, commove, excite, fret, fuss, niggle, rouse, turn on



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Poth"er\, n. [Cf. D. peuteren to rummage, poke. Cf.
    {Potter}, {Pudder}.]
    Bustle; confusion; tumult; flutter; bother. [Written also
    {potter}, and {pudder}.] ``What a pother and stir!''
    --Oldham. ``Coming on with a terrible pother.'' --Wordsworth.
  2. \Poth"er\, v. i.
    To make a bustle or stir; to be fussy.
  3. \Poth"er\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Pothered}; p. pr. & vb.
    n. {Pothering}.]
    To harass and perplex; to worry. ``Pothers and wearies
    himself.'' --Locke.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abash, addle, addle the wits, ado, aggravate, aggravation, agitation, ail, annoy, badger, baffle, bafflement, bait, ball up, be at, be the matter, becloud, bedazzle, bedevil, befuddle, befuddlement, beset, bewilder, bewilderment, bother, botheration, brawl, bristle, broil, brouhaha, brown off, bug, bullyrag, burn up, burst, bustle, chaos, chivy, clamor, cloud, commotion, complicate matters, concern, confoundment, confuse, confusion, daze, dazzle, devil, dilemma, discombobulate, discombobulation, discomfit, discomfiture, discommode, discompose, discomposure, disconcert, disconcertedness, disconcertion, disconcertment, dismay, disorder, disorganization, disorganize, disorient, disorientation, distemper, distress, disturb, disturbance, dither, dog, donnybrook, donnybrook fair, dustup, embarrass, embarrassment, embroilment, enigma, entangle, exasperate, exasperation, exercise, fash, feery-fary, ferment, fidgetiness, fit, fix, flap, flummox, flurry, fluster, flusteration, flustration, flutter, flutteriness, fog, foofaraw, fracas, free-for-all, frenzy, fret, fuddle, fuddlement, furore, fuss, fussiness, get, gripe, harass, harry, hassle, haze, heckle, hector, helter-skelter, hound, hubbub, hullabaloo, hurly-burly, inconvenience, irk, jam, jumble, lather, maelstrom, maze, melee, mess, miff, mist, mix up, moider, molest, muddle, muddlement, mystery, nag, needle, nettle, nonplus, nudzh, peeve, pell-mell, perplex, perplexity, persecute, perturb, perturbation, pester, pick on, pickle, pique, plague, plight, pluck the beard, predicament, problem, provoke, pucker, put out, put to it, puzzle, puzzlement, quandary, racket, raise hell, rampage, rattle, restlessness, riddle, ride, rile, riot, roil, rough-and-tumble, roughhouse, row, ruckus, ruction, ruffle, rumpus, scramble, scrape, shindy, shuffle, spasm, spurt, stew, stir, sweat, swirl, swivet, tease, throw into confusion, tizzy, to-do, torment, trouble, try the patience, tumult, turbulence, turmoil, tweak the nose, twitter, twitteration, unassuredness, unquiet, unsettle, unsettlement, uproar, upset, vex, vortex, whirl, whirlpool, whirlwind, worry