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Meaning of PLUNK

Pronunciation:  plungk

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of hitting a baseball so that it drops suddenly
  2. [n]  a hollow twanging sound
  3. [adv]  (informal) with a short hollow thud; "plop came the ball down to the corner of the green"
  4. [v]  pull lightly but sharply with a plucking motion, as of guitar strings; "he plucked the strings of his mandolin"
  5. [v]  set (something or oneself) down; "He planked the money on the table"; "He planked himself into the sofa"
  6. [v]  drop steeply; "the stock market plunged"
  7. [v]  make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground

PLUNK is a 5 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: clop, clump, clunk, dive, flump, pick, plank, plonk, plop, plop, pluck, plump, plump down, plunge, plunk down, plunker
 See Also: ball, baseball, baseball game, come down, crash-dive, descend, draw, duck, fall, force, go, go down, hit, hitting, nosedive, parachute, place down, power-dive, pull, put down, set down, sky dive, sound, sound, striking, twang



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Plunk\, v. t. [Imitative.] [Chiefly Colloq.]
    1. To pluck and release quickly (a musical string); to twang.
    2. To throw, push, drive heavily, plumply, or suddenly; as,
       to plunk down a dollar; also, to hit or strike.
    3. To be a truant from (school). [Scot.]
  2. \Plunk\, v. i. [Chiefly Colloq.]
    1. To make a quick, hollow, metallic, or harsh sound, as by
       pulling hard on a taut string and quickly releasing it; of
       a raven, to croak.
    2. To drop or sink down suddenly or heavily; to plump.
    3. To play truant, or ``hooky''. [Scot.]
  3. \Plunk\, n.
    1. Act or sound of plunking. [Colloq.]
    2. [Slang]
       (a) A large sum of money. [Obs.]
       (b) A dollar. [U. S.]
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abruptly, bang, bash, bat, beating, belt, biff, blow, bonk, bump, cast, chink, chop, chuck, clap, click, clink, clip, clobber, clop, clout, clump, clunk, coldcock, crack, crump, cut, dash, deal, deal a blow, deck, dig, dint, dive, drop, drub, drubbing, drumming, dull thud, exactly, fall, fetch, fetch a blow, flick, fling, flump, flush, full, fusillade, hastily, hit, hit a clip, hurl, impetuously, impulsively, jab, kerplunk, knock, knock cold, knock down, knock out, let have it, lick, like a flash, like a thunderbolt, nose-dive, of a sudden, on short notice, pad, parachute, paste, pat, patter, pelt, pick, pitapat, pitch, pitter-patter, plank, plop, pluck, plumb, plummet, plump, plunge, point-blank, poke, pop, pounce, pounce on, pounce upon, pound, precipitantly, precipitately, precipitously, precisely, punch, rap, right, sharp, skin-dive, sky-dive, slam, slap, slog, slug, smack, smack-dab, smash, smite, snap, soak, sock, sound, spang, square, squarely, startlingly, stoop, straight, strike, strike at, stroke, strum, sudden, suddenly, surprisingly, swat, sweep the strings, swing, swipe, swoop, swoop down, take a header, tap, tattoo, throw, thrum, thrust, thud, thump, thwack, tick, tinkle, toss, tunk, twang, unawares, unexpectedly, wallop, whack, wham, whop, without notice, without warning, yerk