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Meaning of PLAYTHING

Pronunciation:  'pley`thing

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  an artifact designed to be played with

PLAYTHING is a 9 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: toy
 See Also: artefact, artifact, ball, balloon, catapult, cockhorse, doll, dollhouse, doll's house, dolly, Frisbee, hobby, hobbyhorse, hula-hoop, jack-in-the-box, jacks, jackstones, jumping jack, jungle gym, kaleidoscope, kite, Leggo, Leggo set, Meccano, Meccano set, pea shooter, pinata, playhouse, pogo stick, popgun, puzzle, rattle, rocking horse, sandbox, sandpile, seesaw, slide, sling, slingshot, spinning top, squirt gun, squirter, stick horse, swing, teddy, teddy bear, teeterboard, teeter-totter, teetotum, top, train set, water gun, water pistol, wendy house, whirligig, yo-yo



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Play"thing`\, n.
A thing to play with; a toy; anything that serves to amuse.

      A child knows his nurse, and by degrees the playthings
      of a little more advanced age.           --Locke.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: agate, agent, ancilla, appliance, babe, ball, baseball bat, bat, battledore, bauble, blocks, boob, Charlie McCarthy, checkerboard, chessboard, chump, cinch, club, cockhorse, contrivance, creature, credulous person, cricket bat, cue, cull, device, die, doll, doll carriage, dummy, dupe, easy mark, easy pickings, fall guy, fish, fool, game, gewgaw, gimcrack, gobe-mouches, go-between, golf club, greener, greenhorn, greeny, gudgeon, gull, handmaid, handmaiden, hobbyhorse, implement, innocent, instrument, interagent, intermediary, intermediate, intermedium, jack-in-the-box, jacks, jackstones, jackstraws, kickshaw, knickknack, leadpipe cinch, lever, marble, marionette, mechanism, mediator, medium, midwife, mig, minion, monkey, organ, paper doll, pastime, patsy, pawn, pick-up sticks, pigeon, pinwheel, pretty, prize sap, puppet, pushover, racket, rag doll, rocking horse, sap, saphead, schlemiel, servant, sitting duck, slave, sport, steelie, stooge, sucker, taw, teetotum, tool, top, toy, toy soldier, trinket, trusting soul, vehicle, victim, whim-wham