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Meaning of PLACE

Pronunciation:  pleys

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  
  2. [n]  the function or position properly or customarily occupied or served by another; "can you go in my stead?"; "took his place"; "in lieu of"
  3. [n]  an abstract mental location; "he has a special place in my thoughts"; "a place in my heart"; "a political system with no place for the less prominent groups"
  4. [n]  a blank area; "write your name in the space provided"
  5. [n]  the passage that is being read; "he lost his place on the page"
  6. [n]  an item on a list or in a sequence; "in the second place"; "moved from third to fifth position"
  7. [n]  a general vicinity; "He comes from a place near Chicago"
  8. [n]  any area set aside for a particular purpose; "who owns this place?"; "the president was concerned about the property across from the White House"
  9. [n]  where you live; "deliver the package to my home"; "he doesn't have a home to go to"; "your place or mine?"
  10. [n]  a public square with room for pedestrians; "they met at Elm Plaza"; "Grosvenor Place"
  11. [n]  the particular portion of space occupied by a physical object; "he put the lamp back in its place"
  12. [n]  a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane); "he booked their seats in advance"; "he sat in someone else's place"
  13. [n]  a point located with respect to surface features of some region; "this is a nice place for a picnic"
  14. [n]  a particular situation; "If you were in my place what would you do?"
  15. [n]  proper or designated social situation; "he overstepped his place"; "the responsibilities of a man in his station"; "married above her station"
  16. [n]  proper or appropriate position or location; "a woman's place is no longer in the kitchen"
  17. [v]  recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something; "She identified the man on the"wanted" poster"
  18. [v]  assign a rank or rating to; "how would you rank these students?"; "The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide"
  19. [v]  take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal; "Jerry came in third in the Marathon"
  20. [v]  estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 P.M."
  21. [v]  to arrange for; "place a phone call", "place a bet"
  22. [v]  sing a note with the correct pitch
  23. [v]  finish second or better in a horse or dog race; "he bet $2 on number six to place"
  24. [v]  assign to a station
  25. [v]  intend (something) to move towards a certain goal; "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face"; "criticism directed at her superior"; "direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself"
  26. [v]  put into a certain place or abstract location; "Put your things here"; "Set the tray down"; "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"; "Place emphasis on a certain point"
  27. [v]  locate; "The film is set in Africa"
  28. [v]  make an investment; "Put money into bonds"
  29. [v]  assign a location to; "The company located some of their agents in Los Angeles"
  30. [v]  place somebody in a particular situation or location; "he was placed on probation"
  31. [v]  assign to (a job or a home)
  32. [v]  identify the location or place of; "We localized the source of the infection"

PLACE is a 5 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: aim, base, berth, blank space, come in, come out, commit, direct, grade, home, identify, invest, lay, lieu, localise, localise, localize, localize, locate, office, order, piazza, plaza, point, pose, position, position, position, position, post, post, property, put, put, put, range, rank, rate, seat, send, set, set, shoes, site, situation, space, spot, spot, station, station, stead, target, topographic point
 Antonyms: divest
 See Also: abode, academicianship, accountantship, address, admiralty, ambassadorship, anomaly, apostleship, apply, appose, apprenticeship, approximate, area, arrange, array, assemble, assign, attorneyship, back, bailiffship, barrel, base, bed, behalf, birthplace, bishopry, bottle, bring down, bucket, business, butt, buy into, cadetship, caliphate, captaincy, captainship, cardinalship, center, centre, chairmanship, chancellorship, chaplaincy, chaplainship, chieftaincy, chieftainship, clap, clerkship, cock, coffin, cognition, commandership, communicate, comptrollership, condition, consulship, controllership, councillorship, councilorship, counsellorship, counselorship, cram, crest, crown, curacy, curatorship, custodianship, deanery, deanship, debark, defer, delegate, deposit, depute, deracinate, designate, determine, differentiate, directorship, discharge, discipleship, disembark, displace, displace, displace, distinguish, docket, downgrade, drop, drop, editorship, eldership, emirate, end, ensconce, ensnare, entrap, erect, estimate, expanse, expend, fix, foremanship, form, fort, frame, front, function, fund, gaol, garrison, gauge, generalship, geographic area, geographic region, geographical area, geographical region, glycerolise, glycerolize, governorship, grave, ground, guess, half-mast, hatchery, headship, heights, hiding place, high, hold over, holy, holy place, home away from home, home from home, home in, hot seat, imbricate, immure, imprison, incarcerate, incumbency, indent, indentation, indenture, inspectorship, instal, install, instructorship, internship, intersperse, item, jail, jar, job, job, judge, judgeship, judgship, judicature, jug, junction, juxtapose, juxtaposition, knock back, knowledge, ladle, lag, land, landmark, lay out, lay over, layer, lead, lean, lectureship, left, legateship, legation, legislatorship, level, librarianship, lie, lieutenancy, line, line of work, load, locality, locate, locate, lose, macula, magistracy, managership, margin, marshal, mecca, middle, mislay, misplace, mock sun, move, move, neighborhood, neighbourhood, nesting place, niche, noesis, occupation, order, overlook, parallelize, parhelion, park, part, pass, pass on, passage, peak, perch, perch, piece, pigeonhole, pile, pillow, pitch, pitch, place, place, place down, place of birth, place upright, plant, point, point, poise, pole position, polling place, polling station, polls, pool, posit, position, post, post, post, postpone, postpose, postposition, prepose, preposition, present, pride of place, prioritise, prioritize, prorogue, public square, puddle, put across, put away, put back, put behind bars, put down, put forward, put in, put off, put on, put over, put together, put up, race, rack up, raise, range, range in, rank, rear, rear, recess, remand, remit, rendezvous, reorder, replace, repose, reposition, represent, residence, rest, rig, right, role, run, sanctuary, sanctum, scour, seat, secern, secernate, seed, seed, send, separate, sequence, service area, set, set back, set down, set out, set up, setting, settle, settle down, severalise, severalize, shelve, shortlist, showplace, sign, sing, siphon, sit, sit down, site, site, situate, situate, situation, situation, social rank, social station, social status, solitude, sough, sow, space, space, speculate, spend, square, stage, stand, stand, stand up, station, station, status, stick, stop, stratify, stratum, subordinate, summit, sundog, sunspot, superimpose, superordinate, superpose, surface area, table, tack, tack together, take, take aim, target, target area, tee, tee up, tell, tell apart, throw, tie up, tip, tomb, top, train, trench, underlay, unload, upend, upgrade, uproot, vantage, vicinity, zero in



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \ .
    The ground or place for burying the dead; burial place.
  2. \Place\, n. (Racing)
    The position of first, second, or third at the finish, esp.
    the second position. In betting, to win a bet on a horse for
    place it must, in the United States, finish first or second,
    in England, usually, first, second, or third.
  3. \Place\, v. t.
    1. (Racing) To determine or announce the place of at the
       finish. Usually, in horse racing only the first three
       horses are placed officially.
    2. (Rugby Football) To place-kick ( a goal).
  4. \Place\, n. [F., fr. L. platea a street, an area, a
    courtyard, from Gr. platei^a a street, properly fem. of
    platy`s, flat, broad; akin to Skr. p[.r]thu, Lith. platus.
    Cf. {Flawn}, {Piazza}, {Plate}, {Plaza}.]
    1. Any portion of space regarded as measured off or distinct
       from all other space, or appropriated to some definite
       object or use; position; ground; site; spot; rarely,
       unbounded space.
             Here is the place appointed.          --Shak.
             What place can be for us Within heaven's bound?
             The word place has sometimes a more confused sense,
             and stands for that space which any body takes up;
             and so the universe is a place.       --Locke.
    2. A broad way in a city; an open space; an area; a court or
       short part of a street open only at one end. ``Hangman
       boys in the market place.'' --Shak.
    3. A position which is occupied and held; a dwelling; a
       mansion; a village, town, or city; a fortified town or
       post; a stronghold; a region or country.
             Are you native of this place?         --Shak.
    4. Rank; degree; grade; order of priority, advancement,
       dignity, or importance; especially, social rank or
       position; condition; also, official station; occupation;
       calling. ``The enervating magic of place.'' --Hawthorne.
             Men in great place are thrice servants. --Bacon.
             I know my place as I would they should do theirs.
    5. Vacated or relinquished space; room; stead (the departure
       or removal of another being or thing being implied). ``In
       place of Lord Bassanio.'' --Shak.
    6. A definite position or passage of a document.
             The place of the scripture which he read was this.
                                                   --Acts viii.
    7. Ordinal relation; position in the order of proceeding; as,
       he said in the first place.
    8. Reception; effect; -- implying the making room for.
             My word hath no place in you.         --John viii.
    9. (Astron.) Position in the heavens, as of a heavenly body;
       -- usually defined by its right ascension and declination,
       or by its latitude and longitude.
    {Place of arms} (Mil.), a place calculated for the rendezvous
       of men in arms, etc., as a fort which affords a safe
       retreat for hospitals, magazines, etc. --Wilhelm.
    {High place} (Script.), a mount on which sacrifices were
       offered. ``Him that offereth in the high place.'' --Jer.
       xlviii. 35.
    {In place}, in proper position; timely.
    {Out of place}, inappropriate; ill-timed; as, his remarks
       were out of place.
    {Place kick} (Football), the act of kicking the ball after it
       has been placed on the ground.
    {Place name}, the name of a place or locality. --London
    {To give place}, to make room; to yield; to give way; to give
       advantage. ``Neither give place to the devil.'' --Eph. iv.
       27. ``Let all the rest give place.'' --Shak.
    {To have place}, to have a station, room, or seat; as, such
       desires can have no place in a good heart.
    {To take place}.
       (a) To come to pass; to occur; as, the ceremony will not
           take place.
       (b) To take precedence or priority. --Addison.
       (c) To take effect; to prevail. ``If your doctrine takes
           place.'' --Berkeley. ``But none of these excuses would
           take place.'' --Spenser.
    {To take the place of}, to be substituted for.
    Syn: Situation; seat; abode; position; locality; location;
         site; spot; office; employment; charge; function; trust;
         ground; room; stead.
  5. \Place\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Placed}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    {Placing}.] [Cf. F. placer. See {Place}, n.]
    1. To assign a place to; to put in a particular spot or
       place, or in a certain relative position; to direct to a
       particular place; to fix; to settle; to locate; as, to
       place a book on a shelf; to place balls in tennis.
             Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown. --Shak.
    2. To put or set in a particular rank, office, or position;
       to surround with particular circumstances or relations in
       life; to appoint to certain station or condition of life;
       as, in whatever sphere one is placed.
             Place such over them to be rulers.    --Ex. xviii.
    3. To put out at interest; to invest; to loan; as, to place
       money in a bank.
    4. To set; to fix; to repose; as, to place confidence in a
       friend. ``My resolution 's placed.'' --Shak.
    5. To attribute; to ascribe; to set down.
             Place it for her chief virtue.        --Shak.
    {To place} (a person), to identify him. [Colloq. U.S.]
    Syn: See {Put}.
Computing Dictionary

Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment.

["The Compiler for the Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment (PLACE)", AFAPL TR-68-27, Battelle Inst, Columbus, May 1968].

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a leg up, abiding place, abode, address, advance, agora, airspace, align, all right, all set, allegiance, alley, alleyway, allocate, allot, alphabetize, amphitheater, analyze, angle, angle of vision, anoint, Anschauung, antepast, apartment, apply, appointment, apportion, appropriate, approximate, area, arena, arise, arrange, array, arrive, arterial, arterial highway, arterial street, artery, ascribe, assign, assigned task, associate, assort, athletic field, attach, attribute, auditorium, Autobahn, autoroute, autostrada, avenue, awkward, background, basis, bear garden, bearings, belt, belt highway, bench mark, berth, billet, blind alley, boulevard, bounden duty, bout, bowl, boxing ring, bracket, break down, bring down, bull ring, bung, burden, burden with, business, buy in, buy into, bypass, byway, call, call of duty, camino real, campo, campus, cantonment, canvas, capacity, carriageway, case, caste, catalog, categorize, causeway, causey, chair, chance, character, charge, chaussee, chore, circumferential, circumstance, circumstances, circus, city, class, classify, clear stage, close, cockpit, codify, coliseum, collocate, colosseum, come about, commitment, compose, concern, condition, confines, connection, consider, continental shelf, continuity, corduroy road, correct, corridor, country, county road, course, court, cover, crash pad, crescent, crib, crown, cul-de-sac, dead-end street, deal, deal out, dedication, deference, degree, demand, department, deploy, deposit, dessert, determinate, devoir, devotion, diagnose, digest, diggings, digs, dike, dirt road, dish, dispose, distinguish, distribute, district, divide, division, domicile, domus, drive, driveway, duties and responsibilities, duty, dwelling, dwelling place, echelon, embarrass, emplace, emplacement, employment, engagement, enjoin, enthrone, entree, entremets, environs, establish, estate, ethics, exact, expressway, eye, fair field, fair game, farmstead, fasten upon, fealty, field, file, financier, finger, fitting, fix, flat, floor, flourish, footing, forum, frame of reference, framework, freeway, freight with, function, get a fix, get ahead, gig, give, go, go on, go places, good form, gradation, grade, grange, gravel road, ground, group, gym, gymnasium, habitation, hacienda, hall, hamlet, happen, have, heartland, help, helping, hierarchy, highroad, highway, highways and byways, hinterland, hippodrome, hole, homage, home, home in on, home place, homecroft, homestead, house, house and grounds, house and lot, humble, identify, imperative, impose, impose on, impose upon, improper, impute, in order, in place, in situ, inappropriate, inaugurate, incumbency, index, induct, inflict on, inflict upon, inning, innings, install, instate, interstate highway, invest, invest in, jam, job, judge, know, know again, land, lane, latitude and longitude, lay, lay on, lay out money, levy, liberty, lieu, light, line, line of duty, line up, list, lists, livelihood, local road, locale, locality, localize, locate, location, locus, lodging, lodging place, lodgings, lodgment, lot, loyalty, main drag, main road, make a splash, make an investment, make good, make out, market, market cross, marketplace, marshal, mart, mat, mental outlook, messuage, mews, milieu, misplaced, mission, modality, mode, moonlighting, mortify, motorway, must, nail, navigate, neighborhood, nest, niche, obligation, occasion, occupation, occur, office, offshore rights, OK, okay, onus, open forum, opening, opportunism, opportunity, order, ought, out of place, outlook, pad, palaestra, parade ground, parcel out, park, parkway, part, parts, pass, pave, paved road, peg, piazza, pickle, pigeonhole, pike, pin down, pinpoint, pit, place in office, place to live, placement, plank road, plate, platform, plaza, plight, plow back into, plunge, point, point of view, portion, pose, posit, position, post, posture, power structure, precedence, precinct, precincts, predicament, premises, primary highway, private road, prize ring, proper, prosper, province, public square, purlieu, purlieus, purpose, put, put down, put in, put in place, put on, put out, put upon, quarter, quarters, rally, ranch, rancho, range, rank, rate, rating, ready, realize, recall, recall knowledge of, reckon, recognize, refer, reference system, regard, regiment, region, reidentify, reinvest, relief, remember, residence, respect, responsibility, rialto, right, right-of-way, ring, ring road, risk, road, roadbed, roadway, role, roof, room, rooms, round, route nationale, row, royal road, saddle with, salient, say, scene, scene of action, scenery, scope, seat, second helping, second job, secondary road, section, see, self-imposed duty, sequence, serial order, service, serving, set, set out, set up, setting, settle, side, sight, sink, sink money in, site, situate, situation, situs, slant, slot, soil, sort, space, speculate, speedway, spell, sphere, spot, square, squared circle, squelch, stadium, stage, stage set, stage setting, stand, standing, standpoint, state, state highway, station, status, stead, steading, stepping-stone, stick, street, strike it rich, subdivide, subject to, submit, subordination, succeed, suitable, superhighway, system, tabulate, take place, task, tax, tell, tenure, terrace, terrain, territory, theater, thoroughfare, three-mile limit, thrive, throne, through street, thruway, tilting ground, tiltyard, time, time at bat, toft, toll road, town, township road, tract, transpire, triangulate, turn, turnpike, twelve-mile limit, type, uncomfortable, universe, unsuitable, US highway, vacancy, venture, vicinage, vicinity, view, viewpoint, village, walk, weight down with, whack, where, whereabout, whereabouts, wrestling ring, wrong, wynd, yoke with, zero in on, zone