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Pronunciation:  'pitur`patur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a series of rapid tapping sounds; "she missed the pitter-patter of little feet around the house"
  2. [adv]  describing a rhythmic beating; "his heart went pit-a-pat"
  3. [adv]  as of footsteps; "he came running pit-a-pat down the hall"
  4. [v]  make light, rapid and repeated sounds, as of rain
  5. [v]  rain gently; "It has only sprinkled, but the roads are slick"

PITTER-PATTER is a 13 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: patter, patter, pit-a-pat, pitty-pat, pitty-patty, spatter, spit, sprinkle
 See Also: go, pat, rain, rain down, rap, sound, tap



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Pit"ter-pat`ter\, n.
    A sound like that of alternating light beats. Also, a
    pattering of words.
  2. \Pit"ter-pat`ter\, adv.
    With, or with the sound of, alternating light beats; as, his
    heart went pitter-patter.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alliteration, arrhythmia, assonance, barrage, beat, beat a ruffle, beat a tattoo, beating, bicker, blood rain, bump, chime, chink, click, clink, clop, clump, clunk, crump, dance, didder, dingdong, disquiet, disquietude, dithers, drizzle, drone, drum, drum music, drumbeat, drumfire, drumming, dull thud, evening mist, fall, fidgetiness, fidgets, flap, flick, flicker, flip, flit, flitter, flop, flump, flurry, flutter, go pitapat, gout of rain, gutter, harping, heartbeat, heartthrob, heaving, humdrum, inquietude, jingle, jingle-jangle, mist, misty rain, mizzle, moisture, monotone, monotony, near rhyme, pad, palpitate, palpitation, panting, paradiddle, pat, patter, pelt, pitapat, plump, plunk, pop, pound, pounding, pour, pour with rain, precipitate, precipitation, pulsate, pulsation, pulse, quaking, quaver, quavering, quiver, quivering, rain, rain tadpoles, raindrop, rainfall, rainwater, rap, rataplan, rat-a-tat, rat-tat, rat-tat-tat, rattattoo, repeated sounds, repetitiousness, repetitiveness, restlessness, rhyme, rhythm, roll, rub-a-dub, ruff, ruffle, Scotch mist, shake, shakes, shaking, sheet of rain, shiver, shivers, shower, shower down, shudder, singsong, slant rhyme, slat, sound a tattoo, spatter, spit, splatter, splutter, sprinkle, sputter, staccato, stale repetition, stream, tap, tat-tat, tattoo, tedium, tempo, throb, throbbing, thrum, thud, thump, thumping, tick, tinkle, tom-tom, tremble, trembling, tremor, trepidation, trepidity, trot, tunk, twitter, unfrozen hydrometeor, unnecessary repetition, unrest, wave, waver, weep, wet