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Meaning of PINHEAD

Pronunciation:  'pin`hed

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the head of a pin
  2. [n]  an ignorant or foolish person

PINHEAD is a 7 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: boob, booby, dope, dumbbell, dummy
 See Also: head, pin, simple, simpleton



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: addlebrain, addlehead, addlepate, beefhead, beetleheaded, blockhead, blockheaded, blubberhead, blunderhead, bonehead, bufflehead, cabbagehead, cap, capsheaf, caput, chowderhead, chucklehead, chuckleheaded, clodhead, clodpate, clodpoll, cluck, crest, crown, crumb, dense, dimwit, dolthead, doltish, dot, drop, droplet, dullhead, dumb cluck, dumbhead, dunderhead, dunderpate, fathead, fatheaded, featherweight, fleck, flyspeck, gnat, grain, head, heading, headpiece, iota, jolterhead, jot, jughead, knucklehead, lackwit, lunkhead, meathead, microbe, microorganism, midge, minim, minutia, minutiae, mite, mote, muddlehead, mushhead, muttonhead, nitwit, noodlehead, numskull, particle, peabrain, pinbrain, pinpoint, point, puddinghead, pumpkin head, puzzlehead, scrap, simp, snip, snippet, speck, stupidhead, thickhead, thickskull, tittle, topknot, tottyhead, vanishing point