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Meaning of PETULANT

Pronunciation:  'pechulunt

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  easily irritated or annoyed; "an incorrigibly fractious young man"; "not the least nettlesome of his countrymen"

PETULANT is a 8 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: cranky, fractious, ill-natured, irritable, nettlesome, peckish, peevish, pettish, techy, testy, tetchy



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Pet"u*lant\, a. [L. petulans, -antis, prop., making
slight attacks upon, from a lost dim. of petere to fall upon,
to attack: cf. F. p['e]tulant. See {Petition}.]
1. Forward; pert; insolent; wanton. [Obs.] --Burton.

2. Capriciously fretful; characterized by ill-natured
   freakishness; irritable. ``Petulant moods.'' --Macaulay.

Syn: Irritable; ill-humored; peevish; cross; fretful;

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: arbitrary, bad-tempered, beefing, bellyaching, bilious, bitching, cantankerous, capricious, captious, catty, choleric, complaining, complaintful, crabbed, crabbing, crabby, cranky, croaking, cross, crotchety, disappointed, discontented, disgruntled, displeased, dissatisfied, envious, fanciful, fantasied, fantastic, faultfinding, flaky, fractious, freakish, fretful, griping, grouchy, grousing, growling, grumbling, grumpy, harebrained, howling, huffish, huffy, humorsome, ill-humored, ill-tempered, impatient, irascible, irritable, Jeremianic, kinky, lamentive, maggoty, malcontent, malcontented, moanful, moody, motiveless, mournful, murmuring, muttering, nagging, naggy, notional, out of humor, peevish, perverse, pettish, plaintive, plangent, puling, querulant, querulous, quirky, rebellious, resentful, restive, restless, shrewish, snappish, sorrowful, sour, splenetic, sulky, temperamental, testy, ululant, unaccepting, unaccommodating, uneasy, unfulfilled, ungratified, unhappy, unreasonable, unrestrained, unsatisfied, vagarious, vagrant, vixenish, vixenly, wailful, wanton, waspish, wayward, whimpering, whimsical, whining, whiny