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Meaning of PEST

Pronunciation:  pest

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a persistently annoying person

PEST is a 4 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: blighter, cuss, gadfly, pesterer
 See Also: nudnick, nudnik, persecutor, tormenter, tormentor



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Pest\, n. [L. pestis: cf. F. peste.]
1. A fatal epidemic disease; a pestilence; specif., the

         England's sufferings by that scourge, the pest.

2. Anything which resembles a pest; one who, or that which,
   is troublesome, noxious, mischievous, or destructive; a
   nuisance. ``A pest and public enemy.'' --South.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affliction, aggravation, ambulatory plague, annoyance, annoyer, bad news, badgerer, bane, bedevilment, besetment, black death, black plague, blast, blight, bore, bother, botheration, bothersomeness, bubonic plague, bugbear, bully, burden, buttonholer, calamity, cancer, canker, cellulocutaneous plague, crashing bore, crushing burden, curse, death, defervescing plague, destruction, devilment, difficulty, disease, dogging, downer, drag, drip, dry rot, dryasdust, dusty, epidemic, epiphytotic, epizootic, evil, exasperation, flat tire, frightful bore, fungus, gadfly, glandular plague, grievance, harasser, harassment, harm, harrier, harrying, headache, heckler, hemorrhagic plague, hounding, humdrum, infliction, irritant, larval plague, mildew, mold, molestation, moth, moth and rust, murrain, must, nag, nemesis, nudnik, nudzh, nuisance, open wound, pandemia, pandemic, persecution, persecutor, pester, pesterer, pesthole, pestilence, pill, plague, plague spot, plaguer, pneumonic plague, premonitory plague, problem, proser, rot, running sore, rust, sadist, scourge, septicemic plague, siderating plague, smut, tease, teaser, thorn, torment, tormentor, trial, trouble, tuberculosis, twaddler, vexation, vexatiousness, visitation, wet blanket, white plague, woe, worm, worriment, worry