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Pronunciation:  'perigree`neyt

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  travel around, through, or over, especially on foot; "peregrinate the bridge"

PEREGRINATE is a 11 letter word that starts with P.


 See Also: jaunt, travel, trip



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Per"e*gri*nate\, v. i. [L. peregrinatus, p. p. of
    peregrinari to travel. See {Pilgrim}.]
    To travel from place to place, or from one country to
    another; hence, to sojourn in foreign countries.
  2. \Per"e*gri*nate\, a. [L. peregrinatus, p. p.]
    Having traveled; foreign. [Obs.] --Shak.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: bat around, bum, campaign, count ties, course, cover, cruise, divagate, do, drift, fare, flit, gad, gad about, gallivant, globe-trot, go about, go abroad, go on safari, go over, go overseas, go the rounds, hit the road, hit the trail, hobo, jaunt, journey, knock about, knock around, make a journey, make a pilgrimage, make a trip, meander, measure, mooch, nomadize, overpass, pass over, pass through, patrol, perambulate, pererrate, pilgrim, pilgrimage, ply, prowl, ramble, range, range over, range the world, reconnoiter, roam, rove, rubberneck, run about, saunter, scour, scour the country, scout, sight-see, straggle, stray, stroll, sweep, take a trip, take the road, tour, track, traipse, tramp, transit, travel over, travel through, traverse, trek, vagabond, vagabondize, voyage, walk the tracks, wander, wayfare