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Meaning of PEPPY

Pronunciation:  'pepee

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  marked by lively action; "a bouncing gait"; "bouncy tunes"; "the peppy and interesting talk"; "a spirited dance"

PEPPY is a 5 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: bouncing, bouncy, lively, spirited, zippy



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: active, activist, activistic, acute, aggressive, alert, alive, animate, animated, bouncing, bouncy, breezy, bright, brisk, bubbly, chipper, dynamic, ebullient, effervescent, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, forceful, forcible, frisky, full of go, full of life, full of pep, gay, go-go, hearty, impetuous, incisive, intense, keen, kinetic, live, lively, living, lusty, mercurial, mettlesome, militant, perky, pert, piquant, poignant, pungent, quicksilver, racy, robust, smacking, snappy, spanking, sparkling, spirited, sprightly, spry, strenuous, strong, take-charge, take-over, trenchant, vibrant, vigorous, vivacious, vivid, zestful, zesty, zingy, zippy