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Meaning of OVERLOOK

Pronunciation:  [n]'owvur`lûk, [v]`owvur'lûk, `owvur'lûk

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a high place affording a good view
  2. [v]  leave undone or leave out; "How could I miss that typo?"; "The workers on the conveyor belt miss one out of ten"
  3. [v]  watch over
  4. [v]  look past, fail to notice
  5. [v]  look down on; "The villa dominates the town"
  6. [v]  be oriented in a certain direction; "The house looks out on a tennis court"; "The apartment overlooks the Hudson"

OVERLOOK is a 8 letter word that starts with O.


 Synonyms: command, dominate, drop, leave out, look across, look out on, look out over, miss, neglect, omit, overleap, overtop, pretermit
 Antonyms: attend to, take to heart
 See Also: dwarf, forget, jump, lie, lose, miss, overshadow, pass over, place, shadow, skip, skip over, spot, survey, topographic point



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\O`ver*look"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Overlooked}; p. pr.
& vb. n. {Overlooking}.]
1. To look down upon from a place that is over or above; to
   look over or view from a higher position; to rise above,
   so as to command a view of; as, to overlook a valley from
   a hill. ``The pile o'erlooked the town.'' --Dryden.

         [Titan] with burning eye did hotly overlook them.

2. Hence: To supervise; to watch over; sometimes, to observe
   secretly; as, to overlook a gang of laborers; to overlook
   one who is writing a letter.

3. To inspect; to examine; to look over carefully or
   repeatedly. ``Overlook this pedigree.'' --Shak.

         The time and care that are required To overlook and
         file and polish well.                 --Roscommon.

4. To look upon with an evil eye; to bewitch by looking upon;
   to fascinate. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] --Shak.

         If you trouble me I will overlook you, and then your
         pigs will die.                        --C. Kingsley.

5. To look over and beyond (anything) without seeing it; to
   miss or omit in looking; hence, to refrain from bestowing
   notice or attention upon; to neglect; to pass over without
   censure or punishment; to excuse.

         The times of ignorance therefore God overlooked.
                                               --Acts xvii.
                                               30 (Rev. Ver.

         They overlook truth in the judgments they pass.

         The pardoning and overlooking of faults. --Addison.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abide with, accept, allow, allow for, autopsy, be big, be blind to, be caught napping, be caught out, be content with, be easy with, be inattentive, be neglectful, be negligent, be unwary, beacon, bear, bear with, bedevil, belvedere, bestraddle, bestride, bewitch, blank, bleachers, blink at, boss, bridge, brook, canvass, chaperon, chasm, check, check out, check over, check up on, clear, command, condone, conning tower, connive at, countenance, cut, cut dead, default, demonize, diabolize, discount, dismiss, disregard, dominate, endure, examine, excuse, face, face upon, fail, forget, forgive, front on, gallery, gazebo, give an examination, give no heed, give the go-by, give upon, gloss over, go over, grandstand, grin and abide, have, hear nothing, hear of, hex, hoodoo, ignore, indulge, inspect, jinx, judge not, keep in order, lapse, lean over backwards, leave out, leave unavenged, let go, let go by, let it go, let pass, let ride, let slide, let slip, lighthouse, listen to reason, live with, look at, look down upon, look out upon, look over, look right through, look toward, lookout, loophole, lose sight of, lose track of, make allowances for, make light of, make little of, miss, monitor, neglect, nod, not attend, not care for, not get involved, not heed, not listen, not notice, not think, not write off, obey, observation post, observatory, observe, obsess, omit, outlook, outtop, overarch, overhaul, overpass, oversee, overshadow, oversight, overtop, pardon, pass by, pass over, pass under review, pass up, pay no attention, pay no mind, peanut gallery, peephole, peer at, permit, peruse, pharos, pocket the affront, pooh-pooh, pore over, possess, postmortem, preterition, put up with, quarterback, refuse to acknowledge, refuse to recognize, regard with indulgence, review, ride herd on, ringside, ringside seat, rise above, run over, scan, scrutinize, see both sides, see nothing, set an examination, shrug, shrug it off, sighthole, size, size up, skip, sleep, slight, stand for, stand over, stomach, study, submit to, suffer, superintend, supervise, surmount, survey, suspend judgment, take, take care of, take for granted, take stock of, take the measure, Texas tower, think little of, tolerate, top, top gallery, tower, tower above, tower over, view with indulgence, voodoo, watchtower, wink at, witch, write off, yield to