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Meaning of OUTSIDE

Pronunciation:  'awtsId

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the outer side or surface of something
  2. [n]  the region that is outside of something
  3. [adv]  outside a building; "in summer we play outside"
  4. [adv]  on the outside; "outside, the box is black"
  5. [adj]  (of a baseball pitch) on the far side of home plate from the batter; "the pitch was away (or wide)"; "an outside pitch"
  6. [adj]  originating or belonging beyond some bounds:"the outside world"; "outside interests"; "an outside job"
  7. [adj]  on or toward an outer edge; "an outer lane"; "the outside lane"
  8. [adj]  functioning outside the boundaries or precincts of an organized unit; "extramural hospital care and treatment"; "extramural studies"
  9. [adj]  coming from the outside; "extraneous light in the camera spoiled the photograph"; "relying upon an extraneous income"; "disdaining outside pressure groups"
  10. [adj]  very unlikely; "outside chance"; "remote possibility"
  11. [adj]  maximal in amount; "a maximal amount"; "an outside estimate"
  12. [adj]  located, suited for, or taking place in the open air; "outdoor clothes"; "badminton and other outdoor games"; "a beautiful outdoor setting for the wedding"
  13. [adj]  relating to or being on or near the outer side or limit; "an outside margin"

OUTSIDE is a 7 letter word that starts with O.


 Synonyms: after-school(a), alfresco, alfresco, away, exterior, external, extracurricular, extramural, extraneous, extrinsic, inaccurate, largest, maximal, maximum, open-air(a), out of doors, outdoor(a), outdoors, outdoorsy, outer(a), out-of-door, remote, right(a), unlikely
 Antonyms: indoor(a), indoors, inside, inside, inside, interior, within
 See Also: exterior, open, open air, outdoors, out-of-doors, part, region, surface



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Out"side`\, n.
    1. The external part of a thing; the part, end, or side which
       forms the surface; that which appears, or is manifest;
       that which is superficial; the exterior.
             There may be great need of an outside where there is
             little or nothing within.             --South.
             Created beings see nothing but our outside.
    2. The part or space which lies without an inclosure; the
       outer side, as of a door, walk, or boundary.
             I threw open the door of my chamber, and found the
             family standing on the outside.       --Spectator.
    3. The furthest limit, as to number, quantity, extent, etc.;
       the utmost; as, it may last a week at the outside.
    4. One who, or that which, is without; hence, an outside
       passenger, as distinguished from one who is inside. See
       {Inside}, n. 3. [Colloq. Eng.]
  2. \Out"side`\, a.
    1. Of or pertaining to the outside; external; exterior;
    2. Reaching the extreme or farthest limit, as to extent,
       quantity, etc.; as, an outside estimate. [Colloq.]
    {Outside finish} (Arch.), a term for the minor parts, as
       corner boards, hanging stiles, etc., required to complete
       the exterior of a wooden building; -- rare in masonry.
  3. \Out"side`\, adv.
    or prep. On or to the outside (of); without; on the exterior;
    as, to ride outside the coach; he stayed outside.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abroad, after, alfresco, alien, apart from, apparent, apparently, appearance, aside from, aspect, bar, barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, beside, best, border, but, case, casing, circumference, cortex, cortical, cottage, covering, crust, demeanor, different, disguise, door, en plein air, envelope, epidermic, epidermis, excluded, exclusive of, exomorphic, exotic, exterior, exteriorly, external, externally, extraneous, extraorganismal, extraterrestrial, extreme, extrinsic, facade, face, facet, facing, faint, false front, farthest, fat, foreign, foreign-born, freelance, fringe, front, furthest, greatest, highest, home, impersonal, in the open, independent, integument, intrusive, largest, limit, lineaments, longest, look, mask, maximal, maximum, mien, most, negligible, nonsubjective, objective, off, on the outside, on the surface, open, open air, open-air, openly, out, out of doors, outdoor, outdoors, outer, outer face, outer layer, outer side, outer skin, outermost, outland, outlandish, outline, outlying, outmost, out-of-door, out-of-doors, outstanding, outward, outward-facing, outwardly, outwards, over, past, peripheral, periphery, private, public, publically, remote, rind, roundabout, save, saving, secondary, seeming, separate, shell, skin, slender, slight, slim, small, strange, superficial, superficially, superficies, superstratum, surface, the open, the out-of-doors, to all appearances, top, topmost, ulterior, unconnected, unearthly, uninvolved, unlikely, utmost, without, worst