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Pronunciation:  `âpu'zishun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with; "he encountered a general feeling of resistance from many citizens"; "despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead"
  2. [n]  the act of opposing groups confronting each other; "the government was not ready for a confrontation with the unions"; "the invaders encountered stiff opposition"
  3. [n]  a body of people united in opposing something
  4. [n]  a political party opposed to the party in power and prepared to replace it if elected; "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition"
  5. [n]  an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force); "a soldier must be prepared to kill his enemies"
  6. [n]  a contestant that you are matched against
  7. [n]  a direction opposite to another
  8. [n]  the relation between opposed entities

OPPOSITION is a 10 letter word that starts with O.


 Synonyms: confrontation, enemy, foe, foeman, opposite, oppositeness, resistance
 See Also: action, adversary, antagonism, antagonist, antipodal, antipodal opposition, antipode, anti-takeover defense, antithesis, besieger, body, conflict, contestant, contradiction, contradictoriness, contrariety, contrary, contrast, diametrical opposition, direct contrast, direction, enantiomorphism, gradable opposition, inverse, lockout, mirror-image relation, mutual opposition, opponent, opposer, opposite, orthogonal opposition, orthogonality, party, perpendicularity, polarity, political party, reaction, relation, resister, reverse, sign, strikebreaking, tertium quid, ungradable opposition



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Op`po*si"tion\, n. [F., fr. L. oppositio. See
1. The act of opposing; an attempt to check, restrain, or
   defeat; resistance.

         The counterpoise of so great an opposition. --Shak.

         Virtue which breaks through all opposition.

2. The state of being placed over against; situation so as to
   front something else. --Milton.

3. Repugnance; contrariety of sentiment, interest, or
   purpose; antipathy. --Shak.

4. That which opposes; an obstacle; specifically, the
   aggregate of persons or things opposing; hence, in
   politics and parliamentary practice, the party opposed to
   the party in power.

5. (Astron.) The situation of a heavenly body with respect to
   another when in the part of the heavens directly opposite
   to it; especially, the position of a planet or satellite
   when its longitude differs from that of the sun 180[deg];
   -- signified by the symbol ?; as, ? [Jupiter] [Sun],
   opposition of Jupiter to the sun.

6. (Logic) The relation between two propositions when, having
   the same subject and predicate, they differ in quantity,
   or in quality, or in both; or between two propositions
   which have the same matter but a different form.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adversary, adversity, agreement to disagree, alienation, allegory, analogy, antagonism, antagonist, antagonistic, anteposition, antipathy, antithesis, antithetical, apostasy, argumentation, arrest, arrestation, arrestment, assailant, at daggers drawn, averseness, aversion, backlash, backwardness, balancing, ban, blackball, blackballing, blockage, blocking, challenge, check, clashing, clogging, closing up, closure, collision, combatant, combative reaction, comparative anatomy, comparative degree, comparative grammar, comparative judgment, comparative linguistics, comparative literature, comparative method, compare, comparing, comparison, competing, competition, competitive, competitor, complaint, con, conflict, conflicting, confrontation, confrontment, confutation, constriction, contention, contradiction, contradistinction, contraindication, contraposition, contrariety, contrast, contrastiveness, controversy, correlation, counteraction, counter-culture, counterposition, counterworking, cramp, crankiness, cross-purposes, crotchetiness, cursoriness, defiance, delay, demur, departure, detainment, detention, deviation, difference, dim view, disaccord, disaccordance, disagreement, disappointment, disapprobation, disapproval, disconformity, discongruity, discontent, discontentedness, discontentment, discord, discordance, discordancy, discrepancy, discreteness, disenchantment, disesteem, disfavor, disgruntlement, disharmony, disillusion, disillusionment, disinclination, disobedience, disparity, displeasure, dispute, disrelish, disrespect, dissatisfaction, dissension, dissent, dissentience, dissidence, dissimilarity, dissonance, distaste, distinction, distinctiveness, distinctness, disunion, disunity, divergence, divergency, diversity, dropping out, enemy, exclusion, faction, far cry, fixation, flak, foe, foeman, foot-dragging, fractiousness, friction, grudging consent, grudgingness, hampering, heterogeneity, hindering, hindrance, holdback, holdup, hostile, hostility, impediment, in opposition, inaccordance, incompatibility, incongruity, inconsistency, inconsonance, indignation, indisposedness, indisposition, indocility, inequality, inharmoniousness, inharmony, inhibition, inimicalness, interference, interruption, intractableness, irreconcilability, jarring, kick, lack of enthusiasm, lack of zeal, let, likening, low estimation, low opinion, matching, metaphor, minority opinion, mixture, mutinousness, negation, negativism, nolition, nonagreement, nonassent, nonconcurrence, nonconformity, nonconsent, noncooperation, nuisance value, objection, obstinacy, obstruction, obstructionism, occlusion, odds, opponent, opposed, opposing, opposing party, opposite camp, oppositeness, opposure, oppugnance, oppugnancy, ostracism, other side, otherness, parallelism, passive resistance, perfunctoriness, perverseness, perversity, polar opposition, polarity, polarization, posing against, proportion, protest, reaction, rebuff, recalcitrance, recalcitrancy, recalcitration, recoil, recusance, recusancy, refractoriness, refusal, rejection, relation, reluctance, renitence, renitency, repellence, repellency, repercussion, repression, repudiation, repugnance, repulse, repulsion, resistance, restraint, restriction, retardation, retardment, revolt, rival, secession, separateness, setback, showdown, simile, similitude, slowness, squeeze, stand, stranglehold, stricture, stubbornness, sulk, sulkiness, sulks, sullenness, suppression, swimming upstream, the loyal opposition, the opposition, thumbs-down, trope of comparison, unconformity, uncooperativeness, underground, unenthusiasm, unfriendliness, unhappiness, unharmoniousness, unlikeness, unorthodoxy, unwillingness, variance, variation, variegation, variety, weighing, withdrawal, withstanding