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Meaning of OPPONENT

Pronunciation:  u'pownunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  someone who offers opposition
  2. [n]  a contestant that you are matched against
  3. [adj]  characterized by active hostility; "opponent (or opposing) armies"

OPPONENT is a 8 letter word that starts with O.


 Synonyms: adversary, antagonist, hostile, opposer, opposing, opposite, resister
 See Also: Antichrist, contestant, dueler, duelist, dueller, duellist, enemy, foe, foeman, human, individual, Luddite, mortal, opposition, person, somebody, someone, soul, withstander



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Op*po"nent\, a. [L. opponens, -entis, p. pr. of
    opponere to set or place against, to oppose; ob (see {Ob-}) +
    ponere to place. See {Position}.]
    Situated in front; opposite; hence, opposing; adverse;
    antagonistic. --Pope.
  2. \Op*po"nent\, n.
    1. One who opposes; an adversary; an antagonist; a foe.
    2. One who opposes in a disputation, argument, or other
       verbal controversy; specifically, one who attacks some
       theirs or proposition, in distinction from the respondent,
       or defendant, who maintains it.
             How becomingly does Philopolis exercise his office,
             and seasonably commit the opponent with the
             respondent, like a long-practiced moderator! --Dr.
                                                   H. More.
    Syn: Antagonist; opposer; foe. See {Adversary}.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you have an opponent means an aspect of yourself in which you are in conflict with.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adversary, adversative, adverse, alien, antagonist, antagonistic, anti, antipathetic, antithetic, assailant, clashing, combatant, competitive, competitor, con, conflicting, contender, contestant, contradictory, contrary, counter, counteragent, cross, disaccordant, disputant, dissentient, enemy, foe, fractious, hostile, inimical, match, negative, noncooperative, obstinate, opposed, opposer, opposing, opposite, oppositional, oppositive, oppugnant, overthwart, perverse, recalcitrant, refractory, repugnant, rival, the opposition, uncooperative, unfavorable, unfriendly, unpropitious