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Meaning of NOBLE

Pronunciation:  'nowbul

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a titled peer of the realm
  2. [adj]  having high moral qualities; "a noble spirit"; "a solid citizen"; "an upstanding man"; "a worthy successor"
  3. [adj]  impressive in appearance; "a baronial mansion"; "an imposing residence"; "a noble tree"; "severe-looking policemen sat astride noble horses"; "stately columns"
  4. [adj]  having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character; "a noble spirit"; "noble deeds"
  5. [adj]  of or belonging to or constituting the hereditary aristocracy especially as derived from feudal times; "of noble birth"
  6. [adj]  inert especially toward oxygen; "a noble gas such as helium or neon"; "noble metals include gold and silver and platinum"

NOBLE is a 5 letter word that starts with N.


 Synonyms: aristocratic, aristocratical, august, baronial, blue, blue-blooded, coroneted, dignifying, ennobling, exalted, gentle, grand, greathearted, highborn, high-flown, high-minded, honorable, honourable, idealistic, imperial, imposing, impressive, kinglike, kingly, lofty, Lord, lordly, magnanimous, majestic, monarchal, monarchical, nobleman, noble-minded, patrician, princely, purple, queenlike, queenly, rarefied, rarified, regal, royal, solid, stately, titled, unreactive, upstanding, worthy
 Antonyms: ignoble, Lady, lowborn, noblewoman, peeress
 See Also: armiger, Baron, burgrave, count, Don Juan, Duke, grandee, male aristocrat, margrave, marquess, marquis, mesne lord, milord, Mortimer, palatine, palsgrave, peer, Roger de Mortimer, sire, thane, viscount



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \No"ble\, a. [Compar. {Nobler}; superl. {Noblest}.] [F.
    noble, fr. L. nobilis that can be or is known, well known,
    famous, highborn, noble, fr. noscere to know. See {know}.]
    1. Possessing eminence, elevation, dignity, etc.; above
       whatever is low, mean, degrading, or dishonorable;
       magnanimous; as, a noble nature or action; a noble heart.
             Statues, with winding ivy crowned, belong To nobler
             poets for a nobler song.              --Dryden.
    2. Grand; stately; magnificent; splendid; as, a noble
    3. Of exalted rank; of or pertaining to the nobility;
       distinguished from the masses by birth, station, or title;
       highborn; as, noble blood; a noble personage.
    Note: Noble is used in the formation of self-explaining
          compounds; as, noble-born, noble-hearted, noble-minded.
    {Noble metals} (Chem.), silver, gold, and platinum; -- so
       called from their freedom from oxidation and permanence in
       air. Copper, mercury, aluminium, palladium, rhodium,
       iridium, and osmium are sometimes included.
    Syn: Honorable; worthy; dignified; elevated; exalted;
         superior; sublime; great; eminent; illustrious;
         renowned; stately; splendid; magnificent; grand;
         magnanimous; generous; liberal; free.
  2. \No"ble\, n.
    1. A person of rank above a commoner; a nobleman; a peer.
    2. An English money of account, and, formerly, a gold coin,
       of the value of 6 s. 8 d. sterling, or about $1.61.
    3. (Zo["o]l.) A European fish; the lyrie.
  3. \No"ble\, v. t.
    To make noble; to ennoble. [Obs.]
          Thou nobledest so far forth our nature.  --Chaucer.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acclaimed, admirable, advantageous, archduke, aristocrat, aristocratic, armiger, august, auspicious, awe-inspiring, awful, Babylonian, barbaric, baron, baronet, baronial, beneficial, benevolent, big, bighearted, blameless, blue blood, blue-blooded, bon, bonny, Brahman, braw, bueno, capital, celebrated, changeless, chivalrous, Christian, clean, cogent, commendable, conspicuous, constant, Corinthian, count, courtly, creditable, daimio, decent, deluxe, dignified, distinguished, ducal, duke, earl, elaborate, elegant, elevated, eminent, erect, esquire, esteemed, estimable, ethical, exalted, excellent, exceptional, expedient, exquisite, extraordinary, extravagant, fair, faithful, famous, fancy, favorable, fine, full of integrity, generous, genteel, gentle, gentleman, gentlemanlike, gentlemanly, gentlewoman, glorious, godlike, good, goodly, grand, grand duke, grandee, grandiose, grave, great, great of heart, greathearted, handsome, healthy, held in esteem, helpful, heroic, hidalgo, high, high-class, highly esteemed, highly regarded, highly reputed, highly respectable, high-minded, high-principled, high-ranking, honest, honorable, honored, idealistic, illustrious, immaculate, immutable, imposing, impressive, in favor, in good odor, in high favor, incommutable, inconvertible, incorruptible, indefeasible, inert, inspiring, insusceptible of change, intransmutable, invariable, inviolate, irreproachable, irretrievable, irreversible, irrevocable, just, kind, kinglike, kingly, knightly, lace-curtain, lady, ladylike, laird, landgrave, largehearted, lasting, laudable, lauded, law-abiding, law-loving, law-revering, liberal, lofty, lord, lordling, lordly, loyal, luxurious, magisterial, magnanimous, magnate, magnificent, magnifico, majestic, manly, margrave, marked, marquis, memorable, meritorious, moral, moralistic, moving, nice, nobleman, noble-minded, noblewoman, none, nonreturnable, nonreversible, notable, noted, noteworthy, of gentle blood, of mark, of rank, openhanded, optimate, outstanding, palatial, palsgrave, patrician, peer, permanent, pleasant, plush, posh, prestigious, princelike, princely, principled, profitable, prominent, proud, pure, queenlike, queenly, quite the lady, rare, regal, remarkable, rememberable, renowned, reputable, respectable, respected, revered, reverend, reverseless, rich, right, righteous, right-minded, ritzy, royal, salient, sedate, seigneur, seignior, self-sacrificing, serious, signal, silk-stocking, skillful, soaring, sober, solemn, sound, special, splendacious, splendid, splendiferous, spotless, squire, stainless, stately, statuesque, staunch, steadfast, sterling, striking, stunning, sublime, sumptuous, superb, superfancy, superfine, swank, swanky, swell, telling, thoroughbred, titled, towering, true, true-dealing, true-devoted, true-disposing, truehearted, true-souled, true-spirited, trustworthy, unalterable, unalterative, unaltered, unblemished, unchangeable, unchanged, unchanging, uncorrupt, uncorrupted, undefiled, undeflectable, undeviating, unforgettable, unimpeachable, unmodifiable, unremitting, unrestorable, unreturnable, unspotted, unstained, unsullied, unsusceptible, untarnished, unvariable, unvarying, upper-cruster, upright, uprighteous, upstanding, useful, valid, venerable, venerated, very good, virtuous, viscount, waldgrave, weighty, well-thought-of, worshipful, worthy, yeomanly