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Meaning of NIPPLE

Pronunciation:  'nipul

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the small projection of a mammary gland

NIPPLE is a 6 letter word that starts with N.


 Synonyms: mamilla, mammilla, pap, teat, tit
 See Also: mamma, mammary gland, reproductive organ, sex organ



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Nip"ple\, n. [Formerly neble, a dim. of neb. See {Neb},
1. (Anat.) The protuberance through which milk is drawn from
   the breast or mamma; the mammilla; a teat; a pap.

2. The orifice at which any animal liquid, as the oil from an
   oil bag, is discharged. [R.] --Derham.

3. Any small projection or article in which there is an
   orifice for discharging a fluid, or for other purposes;
   as, the nipple of a nursing bottle; the nipple of a
   percussion lock, or that part on which the cap is put and
   through which the fire passes to the charge.

4. (Mech.) A pipe fitting, consisting of a short piece of
   pipe, usually provided with a screw thread at each end,
   for connecting two other fittings.

{Solder nipple}, a short pipe, usually of brass, one end of
   which is tapered and adapted for attachment to the end of
   a lead pipe by soldering.

Computing Dictionary


Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing nipples in your dream, relate to infantile needs and a regression into dependency. Dreaming that you are squeezing pus out of your nipples, refers to your negative feelings about relationships. You are feeling sexually inadequate.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adjutage, bag, boobs, bosom, breast, breasts, brisket, bust, catheter, chest, crop, drainpipe, dug, efflux tube, fire hose, flue pipe, funnel, garden hose, gas pipe, hose, hosepipe, knockers, mama, mamelon, mamelonation, mammary gland, mammilla, mammillation, nenes, organ pipe, pap, papilla, pigeon breast, pipe, pipeline, pipette, piping, reed, reed pipe, siamese, siamese connection, siphon, snorkel, soil pipe, standpipe, steam pipe, stem, straw, tap, teat, thorax, tit, tits, titties, titty, tube, tubing, tubulation, tubule, tubulet, tubulure, udder, waste pipe, water pipe