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Meaning of NEST

Pronunciation:  nest

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a kind of gun emplacement; "a machine-gun nest"; "a nest of snipers"
  2. [n]  furniture pieces made to fit close together
  3. [n]  a cosy or secluded retreat
  4. [n]  a gang of criminals assembled in one place; "a nest of thieves"
  5. [n]  a structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young
  6. [v]  gather nests
  7. [v]  fit together or fit inside
  8. [v]  inhabit a nest, as of birds and some insects

NEST is a 4 letter word that starts with N.


 See Also: article of furniture, beehive, bird's nest, collect, drey, embed, engraft, furniture, gang, garner, gather, gun emplacement, hive, imbed, implant, inhabit, mob, mouse nest, mouse's nest, natural object, nidus, occupy, pack, piece of furniture, plant, pull together, retreat, ring, weapons emplacement



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Nest\, n. [AS. nest; akin to D. & G. nest, Sw. n["a]ste,
    L. nidus, for nisdus, Skr. n[=i]?a resting place, nest; cf.
    Lith. lizdas, Arm. neiz, Gael. & Ir. nead. Prob. from the
    particle ni down, Skr. ni + the root of E. sit, and thus
    orig., a place to sit down in. [root] 264. See {Nether}, and
    {Sit}, and cf. {Eyas}, {Nidification}, {Nye}.]
    1. The bed or receptacle prepared by a fowl for holding her
       eggs and for hatching and rearing her young.
             The birds of the air have nests.      --Matt. viii.
    2. Hence: the place in which the eggs of other animals, as
       insects, turtles, etc., are laid and hatched; a snug place
       in which young animals are reared. --Bentley.
    3. A snug, comfortable, or cozy residence or situation; a
       retreat, or place of habitual resort; hence, those who
       occupy a nest, frequent a haunt, or are associated in the
       same pursuit; as, a nest of traitors; a nest of bugs.
             A little cottage, like some poor man's nest.
    4. (Geol.) An aggregated mass of any ore or mineral, in an
       isolated state, within a rock.
    5. A collection of boxes, cases, or the like, of graduated
       size, each put within the one next larger.
    6. (Mech.) A compact group of pulleys, gears, springs, etc.,
       working together or collectively.
    {Nest egg}, an egg left in the nest to prevent the hen from
       forsaking it, and to induce her to lay more in the same
       place; hence, figuratively, something laid up as the
       beginning of a fund or collection. --Hudibras.
  2. \Nest\, v. i.
    To build and occupy a nest.
          The king of birds nested within his leaves. --Howell.
  3. \Nest\, v. t.
    To put into a nest; to form a nest for.
          From him who nested himself into the chief power.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a bird's nest in your dream means comfort, safety, and protection. The dream may also symbolize new opportunities. Seeing a nest filled with broken or bad eggs, symbolizes disappointments and failure.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a mass of, a world of, abide, abiding place, abode, address, aerie, anchor, apiary, army, bee tree, beehive, berth, bevy, billet at, birthplace, bivouac, breeding place, brood, brooder, bunch, bunk, burrow, camp, cantonment, cloud, clutch, clutter, cohabit, colonize, come to anchor, covey, cradle, crash pad, crib, den, domesticate, domicile, domiciliate, domus, doss down, drop anchor, dwell, dwelling, dwelling place, ensconce, establish residence, eyrie, farrow, flight, flock, flocks, forcing bed, fry, get, habitation, hail, hang out, hatch, hatchery, haunt, hideaway, hive, host, hotbed, incubator, inhabit, jam, keep house, lair, large amount, legion, litter, live, live at, locate, lodge, lodging, lodging place, lodgment, lots, many, masses of, mob, moor, move, muchness, multitude, nidus, numbers, nursery, occupy, pack, pad, park, people, perch, place, place to live, plurality, populate, quantities, quite a few, refuge, relocate, remain, reside, residence, resort, retreat, roof, rookery, room, roost, rout, ruck, scores, seat, set up housekeeping, set up shop, settle, settle down, shoal, sit down, snuggery, spat, spawn, squat, stand, stay, stay at, strike root, swarm, take residence at, take root, take up residence, tenant, throng, tidy sum, vespiary, worlds of, young